Friday, May 26, 2017

Creative planning

Yesterday I saw a Facebook post by an art biz coach who advised doing a progress review at the end of each week, noting at what happened, and what goals you met. Coupled with his observation that all to often, artists let the business portion of being artists lag.

... while I appreciate his suggestions, I was reminded of why I love the whole brain, Muse led approach, which we favor in Intentional  Creativity! Our biz-coach, Stella Mac had us "Create a business plan using your winged eye – you have to know how to look with a visionary lens to craft a business that reflects who YOU are." 

And Maestra Shiloh wrote: "I answer the call to create, without feel long I am taking away anything from something or someone."

One of the biz tools I used last year was taking the year long plan we created during our teacher training, and doing a monthly Smashbook spread with my goals spa splashed about, "popcorn" style. Some were specific to that month, while others are ongoing (hosting monthly Red Thread Circles, painting, blogging)
I could see at a glance what I accomplished, and what I still wanted to work on. I'm about to start a new Biz-Musé journal, and will include creating these monthly goal pages! 

Red Madonna - Sacred Path
I blocked in my ladies on my Red Madonna canvas this week, and look forward to seeing where they lead! I love the little Phoenix and dragonet! 
The canvas is repurposed, from our Habitat ReStore, and is two 24x30" screwed together! (So 48" wide). It was a simple big sky landscape, and under $10! I'm one of the Hearth Tenders for this online offering, and love the rich teachings from different cultures. 

I did another of lights and darks on Mary Magdalene this week as well. She is emerging.

Happy Paint Party Friday


Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What lovely pieces! It definitely can be a challenge to balance business with creativity, your pages are wonderful...

~Rasz~ said...

Beautiful soul-touching artwork. Thank you for sharing your business planning techniques too. I think that is the hardest for us Artists. Happy PPF. Hugz, Rasz

sirkkis said...

Your two pages are just gorgeous. Love both. Your style is unique.
Happy weekend ♥

Valerie-Jael said...

Very beautiful art, the last one with Mary Magdalene is fantastic. Business plans are not my thing, I just like to create when, where and what I like, and as a pensioner this is now possible. Have a great weekend! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

BrownPaperBunny said...

Love your pieces! I have yet to find a planning style that really works for me and that I can stick to when times get busy!

Happy PPF!