Cosmic Smashbook

Cosmic Smashbooks are a "smash up between traditional art journals and Intentional Creativity; they blaze a cosmic path, weaving a thread between deep earth spirit and the heart of the cosmos." Smashbooks offer a great way to create, to process, to blend story, art and magic. Birthed by color of Woman graduate Cat Gellar during her teacher training in 2013, they are now included in the curriculum as a way to unpack experiences.

Using simple composition books, we create hardcover art journals, infused with the energy of intentions, curiosity, hopes and dreams. No art experience is necessary, they are perfect for the creatively uncertain! In the words of Color of Woman teacher Heidi Sequoia Moondancer, "These journals literally spring to life with releases energy, ready to create the portal for manifesting." 

As you use your journal, you forge a deeper connection worth your inner guidance. I invite you to listen and create from that inner space which has access to your hopes and dreams. Because of the SMASHING aspect, you may meet your perfectionist self, who gives way to your free, creative self; woo hoo!
 Here are some links to get you started (Catt offers several online courses!)

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