Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spreading the Word

While having tea with my Musé this morning, I was pondering promotion.

When we have offerings, how do we go about sharing the information, the Who, What, When and Where? Where will our beloveds find it? In this technical age, we have so many choices, where to begin?

I have several entry points, my MeetUp group, my artist FB page, Nadya's Atelier, and events created from that page. On Sunday, Sepha and I met, and created a couple of physical flyers, I found my thumb drive, and had some printed! Woo hoo! 

What are some of the ways to use Facebook? 
While this changes, there are some basic guidelines: 
I love Ann Manatt's tips on creating your fan page. She has lots of other quick videos on utilizing FB. Hot of the press, Ann just posted this one on increasing the effectiveness of your posts! 
And this one from Ann, on how to have your fan page show up on your personal page is awesome! I love these simple videos, that walk is through the steps!

Here are tips from Sophie Mahir oncreating your event invitation that's catchy and relays necessary info in a few words!

I'd love you too share your favorite tips! How do you and your beloveds connect?


Unknown said...

You have a very inspiring inspirational sight.

Jeanine Byers said...

Hi Nadya! Right now, what seems to work best is using keywords & SEO kinds of things. But I just joined a blogging community membership program called Have Your Cupcake that I hope will help me learn even more ways. For online promotion, I mean. I like your use of the word "beloveds," because that's how I feel about my readers, too!

Nadya said...

That community sounds like it will be inspirational. yea, isn' beloveds a delïghtful term?

Beth Niquette said...

Pretty photograph. I keep in touch mostly through facebook. :D

Faye said...

I keep in touch with Facebook "friends", the ones I really care about. Most of the people I have friended are people I really know. There are a few that are art related, but most are from my church and my family and other people close to me.

Neesie said...

It is certainly a minefield out there and difficult to keep up sometimes, so I'll be taking a little look at your links.
Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Happy PPF to you

Lisabella Russo said...

What a pretty photograph. Thank you very much for the information.

Nadya said...

Thank you, I love that teacup from a local potter! And you're so welcome!