Saturday, May 14, 2016

Daily Practices

For over thirty years I've worked closely with clients as an energy worker and healer. Over that time, I've seen thousand of individuals, and as many shifts of mood, energy, emotions and physical aches and pains. I've also had the opportunity to study with some awesome healers and learned a number of methods to help keep my own energy clear and available. 

Some individuals are very sensitive to energy, and find being in a crowd extremely difficult, while others seem to float through energetic «muck» with little disturbance! If you are in the former group, learning and issuance some of these practices may help! This is ment as a reference and jump off for building your own favorite set.


  • Ground yourself. Stand with a tree, and practice sending your "roots" through the soles of your feet down into the center of the earth.
  • Aura (the biofield around your body) imagine this as an egg shape, stretch your arms out, and turn in a slow circle, to define the boundaries of your bubble. You can imagine the outside of your bubble as gold, your true essence color (or silver) I like to imagine a rainbow of iridescent, like a soap bubble!.
  • Have tea or cafe with your Musé and your journal
  • Invite any angels or guides to be with you as you move through your day.
  • Choose a story card affirmation for the day, and put it on your altar or carry with you.

Throughout the day

  • pay attention to how you feel, what thoughts flit through your mind, etc. Notice where old stories arise, and feel into how it tells address to your affirmation
  • Activity: qigong, Tai chi, a walk, yoga, put on music and dance... even if you take just a few minutes for conscious movement, it will build your energy. 
  • Remember to breathe! And take breaks throughout the day.
  • Drink water, batteries need water to hold a charge, so do we!
  • Treat yourself to fresh flowers, bodywork, creative practices, lunch with a friend, find ways to bring more joy into your daily life.
In Public:

  • Make sure you're grounded (stand by a tree for a few minutes if you can) and refresh your Aura bubble. 
  • You can experiment with the color violet around your Aura, which transmutes energy, both yours and that of others.
  • Sit facing the door if you're in a group (place of power) if you can, especially in your own office!
  • Invite anyone else's energy to be processed in your field, not your body, and released. You can imagine "vacuuming" your energy field with a giant rose.
  • Wash your hands with warm water and soap for herbs, with cool water for an energy clearing.
  • Imagine bracelets of light around your wrists and ankles, if you feel like your energy is being drained. 
  • whole food, including lots of vegetables in season are most nourishing. Different bodies have different needs, so observing yours can be a great ally.
  • Bless your food before eating, and invite your body to use it well. 
  • My African teacher Erik Vormanns suggested beaming "rainbows" into our drinking water.
  • If you drink tea, sofa, cafe, or wine, remember to drink water as well..
  • Receive and embrace what the day has brought, and receive the gifts into your heart
  • Journal a bit, and notice anything that came up for clearing, insights, something you'd like more insight on.
  • Reflect on your word/affirmation, any insights about it today?
  • Take several deep breaths, imagining your cells and DNA expanding into the new vibration.
  • Express gratitude for the blessings of the day
Before sleep: 
  • Thank your angels and guides for their support and blessings
  • If you wish, invite insights while you dream, or to attend "dream school"in the Green Jade temple or other favorite place
  • Imagine a beautiful gold or blue bubble around your bed (or whole home)
These are the bones of daily practices; I'd love to hear which you find useful, and ones you use! 

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