Thursday, May 26, 2016

Creative Community

This week my friend Lora offered me the role of lead Organizer for our NW Community MeetUp group. She's moving, so focusing her energy on the move rather than on classes for awhile. An organizer can have up to three groups under one subscription, and I only have one other; so it was a simple addition. 
With three students in this year's CoW teacher training, there are now10 IC teachers in the NW, so I've invited the others to join the group and leadership team. Shiloh Sophia encourages us to build community, and is excited for us. I'm working on guidelines for offerings, as wee may include a couple of teachers from different backgrounds; stay tuned!

In our Facebook circles, we continue to challenge ourselves to think of new ways to connect and share the offerings. To dream and vision.

Paperclay on chip brushes

Last weekend's we had class each day. On Friday, I invited past students to bring projects for an open studio, to coincide with the second session of a small class, it worked well. 
Saturday's adventure was Sepha's Magic Paintbrush class, and we had a great time! My "magic wand" fell on the ground as I was getting out of the car, so I needed to redo it with a new Crystal. I used paperclay around the handle and painted the clay before wrapping with the waxed linen, and actually like it better! The charm is Mexican silver, from our bead store field trip.

On Sunday, we offered a sweet class for friends of a woman who's terminally ill. She and several of her co-workers had done "Paint Night" events with Sepha, so invited her to offer a Private party! They all worked on a large piece, and did a smaller version on 10 x 10" canvases. I brought my harp Tuilleadh, and played for the visioning. That was one of my visions for my classes, and I really enjoy offering the meditative background!

And, Ta Då!! This is my one-hundredth blog post!! Mägic & CreativiTea are flowing!! 

Mägic Wand Brush
 Happy Paint party Friday  & Express your Creativity
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Denise Katherine said...

I feel so renewed by attending your sessions they are food for my soul. Relaxing, with great sharing and belonging is so valuable to me, thank you.

Linda Kunsman said...

fabulous pieces of art here! And how wonderful to have such a community gathering. Happy PPF!

Nadya said...

Oh Denise, I'm so glad, and you're welcome! I always enjoy your presence in our circle! See you soon.

DVArtist said...

Oooh these are fabulous. I love the crystal wand.

Giggles said...

What a beautiful gesture for the lady and her friends! These are truly the most loving moments in life!! Gorgeous work!

Hugs Giggles

Indira said...

Must be rejuvenating to be part of such a lovely group. Lovely art.

Fran said...

Love those "magic brushes".. I want to make one.