Thursday, October 8, 2015

Who are My Beloveds?

Some of the questions we have been pondering throughout our Color of Woman Teacher Training - 'who are my beloveds?" - "What is my content, the offerings that light my interest, & meet the needs of my community?" & "What challenges have I overcome to get here?" 

One of my challenges was breaking my arm in March (!! - the last time I'd been in a hospital, besides Childbirth, was when I had my tonsils out at 6!!) JUST before our Teacher Training 'Quest' began! That threw me for a loop! I could paint (It was my Left arm, & I'm right handed)
 ... but .... 
I was SO Tired! & I spent the first couple of weeks recouporating at my daughter's home (& my supplies were at my house) I was able to go home around the time our classroom 'opened,' & proceeded with the coursework.
I did considered stopping before I began, but was encouraged to stay in (Including deferring payment till I was working again!). Ah, what an intriguing way to begin, to persevere, and overcome that set-back! 

Who are my Beloveds?
One of the painting classes we were offered is a one day workshop, doing the same Color of Woman method, but shortening the time allotted for painting & journaling. We have had access to those videos for 5 months, & I began my painting some time ago, 'between' some of the other assignments. With a class scheduled NEXT WEEKEND, I am reviewing that workshop, & continuing with the painting. 

She's just waking up, with the features roughly sketched in. It's always fun to see them at different phase, unfinished, but with lots of character! 

What will come next??

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Tracey FK said...

good on you for persevering... and the face is lovely... that hair frames the whole piece beautifully...xx

Nadya said...

Thank you Tracy!
The mantles are a fun way to frame the face.

Beth Niquette said...

I love this piece! How on earth did you get her face to glow like that??? What a talented artist you are! Keep on painting--your work is beautiful.

DVArtist said...

Hope you are healing well. Love this face. The hair looks like a halo. Just beautiful.

Nadya said...

Thank you! Beth - first I blocked the face with a 'scrubby' brush - so light coat of Titian Buff & Yellow Ocre (Golden brand fluid acrylics!) & then the next layer is rather 'dabby' strokes with several colours - giving her face a rather patchy (& quick) layer of color!