Friday, August 21, 2015

Quantum Creativity

"Painting for me is a devotional act, a spiritual practice, a prayer and a way to share my love. My creations are the bountiful harvest from a life lived in service to Beauty and the Divine. I feel like a tree whose branches offer fruits and flowers to the sky – that must be -because they do not belong to me. My creations are both my offering and my overflow...
"My paintings seek to image a moment in time when all is well. A place where beauty exists and no harm exists. A moment when we feel as we wish we could more often, at peace with ourselves and the world, in love with one another and creation, and experiencing the miracle of life."
~ Shiloh Sophia McCloud

I have drawn, painted, and played with art all my life, from drawing the ponies next
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door, painting Camels for a Christmas mural in Grade School, to HS and College art classes, & later the occasional Calligraphy or watercolor class. 

So in February of 2014, when my friend Elisabeth offered a workshop to 'paint your Muse of Creativity,' I signed up.I signed up, & the creative floodgates opened! Over the next year, I took classes both on-line & in person, and painted on my own, most within the 'Intentional Creativity,' this Quantum Creativity movement. 

A year later, I said 'yes' to studying more deeply with Shiloh, in her Color of Woman school of Intentional Creativity, to learn to share this method with my Beloveds! It is a wonderful, intense, supportive journey!

"For most of us, creative motivation requires a crisis - either externally, like a threat to our physical survival, or an internal crisis of intense suffering." Physicist Amit Goswani, Quantum Creativity, think Quantum, be Creative. According to quantum physics, reality occurs on two levels: possibility and actuality. .... by bringing our 'old stories,' the stories which have been running our lives, into consciousness, and engaging our intuitive, creative self, we change how we relate to the stories. And by recognizing the shift we've made, we can bring it into reality, and perhaps have the breakthrough without a breakdown.

Sisterhood of the Red Thread
An ancient Chinese legend tells that we are connected before birth to those whom we are destined to meet by a Red Thread ... this thread may stretch, it may tangle, but it will never break! We each have our 'own piece' of this thread, and are responsible only for that piece, yet we can Tug on the thread when we need a bit of help!
Amrit Goswani: "Non-Locality: We are all interconnected - even without signals, and experimental evidence is proving our inherent unity."
Into this quantum field, I bring the contents of my Medicine basket: compassion, flower essences, harp music, movement, creativity, and a desire to help YOU manifest quantum change. Paintings generally feature the divine feminine, and are done on canvas or Watercolour paper, with Acrylic paint (often Golden Fluid acrylics) There may be glitter!      

“So let’s walk our talk and make brain circuits of positive emotions. We just do it. We practice. Let some of us be good, do good. Be with God some of the time, be in the ego some of the time, and let the dance generate creative acts of transformation.”
~ Amit Goswani 
I invite you to come paint with me, dance with me, explore your own connection with creative consciousness, with Quantum Creativity, with quantum change!!

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