Sunday, November 16, 2008

Star Lady

About 8 years ago, faced with a long narrow piece of wall where an old chimney ran, I decided to make this sweet 'star lady' to grace my healing space!

Vesta, Lo'oet, Mother Mary, healing Buddha, . . . her cloak is of stars, beads & a small star button adorn her . . . . at her feet runs a stream bordered by rocks with petroglyphs. She now hangs on the wall behind my big harp, Rowan, & blesses our songs.

Today was our monthly (third Sat) Downtown Art & Wine walk, & I played Rowan for several hours at the bookstore. & had an inquiry about further gigs - so will see what that brings!

This is one of the rocks, with a little goat - leaping into the future!


Melissa said...

Oh I love her! She's beauty-full! Thanks for your visit to my blog.

I heart the name Rowan. I have a Rowan too, but he's a one eyed cat. ;) I bet your music is enchanting.

~Lady Love~

Jul said...

Beautiful. I love the texture and what it adds to the image.

Caroline said...


Sara Moriarty said...

Amazing. I also think that the texture is breathtaking. Thanks for including that detail picture. ~Sara