Thursday, November 20, 2008

Door to Knowledge

Here's the latest polyvore creation - these are too fun! I don't have a photoshop type program, so it's intriguing to work with this site!
(I tried to post a photo, but couldn't figure out how, . . . so here's the link)

I took the SoulCollage card I made Tue, & one that's in progress to 'Sister circle' tonight, & it was fun to see the reactions. Several of the gals are counselors or psychologists, so they 'got' it right away; others are more pragmatic, & seemed intrigued but less familiar with such.

We're working our way thru "New Earth," & I realize I am so much more kinisthetic & process oriented - find it easier going (the reading) than I expected, but I want to DO more!

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Caroline said...

I love your collage! I'm going to go and make one!