Tuesday, November 18, 2008

1st Soul Collage Card

"Hope of the Future"

With Seena Frost's 'SoulCollage' finally in hand, I pulled out the files of images I'd been gathering & created my first 'on paper' Soul Collage card! I had done some on Polyvore (there's an easy way to, ahem, 'use up' a couple of hours!) but only larger collage on paper! I'd stopped by the art store 'one more time' & picked up a sweet little pair of Danish embroidery scissors, that the shop assistant (who does decopage) hadn't noticed :) & a UHU glue stick, recommended by SoulCollage facilitator Suzie Wolfer.
The wings are from a scrap of tissue paper, & there is a small Buddha head on the mama's arm.

I AM the one who rises above expectation
I AM the one who carries dreams on my back & hope in my heart
I soar beyond the hills & canyons, into the sunset of the soul
I am the one who reaches into the field of dreams
I am the one with wings.

May she wing into my dreams!


Leah said...

beautiful work, dia! congratulations on completing your first on paper soul collage card!! i love the wings.

Serena Lewis said...

I have GOT to look more into Soul Collage.....you're the second blogger who has mentioned it in the past two days.

Beautiful collage!

Jul said...

"I AM the one who rises above expectation"

I love this sentence!

Caroline said...

Well done for getting going!

I started off doing mine with real paper but then found my medium was really digital - not the way Seena teaches it but there are others who do it that way.

Looks like you have given yourself wings!

May they carry you well.