Monday, March 1, 2021

Woven Together

Well, my Sisterhood of the Red Thread ladies kept hollering at me that they were perfect for the upcoming Women Women Together show - so off they went in virtual format! 

Over half of artists around the world are women - but less than 5 percent of the art in museums was created by women! So our art community has begun to correct that by establishing our own Museum, both virtual and in Musea around the world.

You can view my work in both past and future Musea shows on this page, which will give you access to the virtual opening. You can also join Musea for access to information about future art calls, class's and a monthly virtual call. As a graduate, I'm part of the World Wide Web of creativity teachers and guides! 

Woven Together is the first juried show for our Musea, and the call went to women Artists within and outside of our community. Inviting places that depict the connections between us. 

Sisterhood of the Red Thread 24×30" 
 Golden fluid acrylics on canvas

This is one of my earliest IC pieces - painted in September 2014, whilst Shiloh's teacher and mentor Sue Hoya Sellers lay in hospital, and passed at month's and. It was inspired by the connection that runs between women, no matter their culture or background. Connected by the red thread of our blood, of our stories, of our hearts.

The previous spring, for International Women's day, Shiloh offered an online Sisterhood class for painting women together. My Red Thread friends Lora and Elisabeth met and watched/ painted together! Shiloh invited community members to donate their paintings to a women's shelter or other place women or girls gathered, as inspiration. I painted on my own, a piece called "Dancers," and gave to our ballet teacher for the studio

They ask us to remember

We are connected, 

Woven together with stitches of love

Heart to heart

Spirit to spirit.

Through time, space, lifetimes

Dancing in brittle starlight,

we sing our way home!

Sisterhood of the Red Thread 24×30" - Golden fluid acrylics on canvas


Shelley said...

Very, very beautiful! Are you currently teaching painting classes?

Nadya said...

Hi Shelly - Thank you!! I haven't been teaching in person classes for the last year, but I have been hosting bimonthly circles via Zoom with a couple of Intentional Creativity teachers! We post them in the 'classes and events' page, and there's a link to the Facebook Group where we share about our creativity!