Friday, February 19, 2021

Finito Friday

#Finito Friday - our Red Thread community takes time to share Ta-das and finished projects! 

A big one is celebrating the graduation of extension or Muse Time students from their Color of Woman teacher training! So proud of these gals for their dedication and wonderful peer support - Congratulations! 

Color of Woman graduates
One of the final alignments is teaching a longer painting class - traditionally two days when offered in person. At the beginning of February, Heather Jackson and Rowan collaborated to offer "Queen of Your Heart" to an online group which included several of their sister students. I joined them for a potent day of painting and inquiry. 
We accomplished a lot in 6.5 hours! I love Heather's Zentangle "Diva Dance" rose, which overlaid the spiral is done in her throat -vortex of the empowered voice ....
"From deep in the sea, and long ago/in the future.  Song under the stars and drink deep from wisdom's well 
"Sing with the ancestors
"Swim with dolphins, and meet octopus in the nest of your open heart."

Sea Rose - We-co'ma Kloshe tip-so 
(Chinook jargon)

Awaken in the
Mystery - hear her calling?
Her voice, her presence

Sacred breath beckons 
Treasure so vital, precious
Queen of deep water.

She's rather fierce! I look forward to future offerings from these sisters - we've built a sweet international community, and plan to continue meeting to share inspiration and creative offerings.

I've been enjoying experiments with Oil Pastels, after seeing some lovely ones on Instagram. Checking on YouTube, I discovered shine fun ones tutorials with Black Bean, and playing with his "scritchy scritchy" mark making! (Using Dollar store screwdrivers!) 

Eye studies
Face in oil pastels
My sets are all inexpensive ones I've had for awhile or been gifted ... 
Thinking of investing in some higher quality crayons, Neocolor and Sennelier are some of those suggested  ...
Update - I got the set of 24 creamy Sennelier oil pastels ....
Face in Sennelier oil pastels

This article gives an overview of the suggested brands and qualities. I used my harder oil pastels for the details.

Happy Paint Party Friday - what mediums or tools are you exploring?


Elkes Lebensglück said...

beautiful art work, these intense colors are so great!
Happy PFF, Elke

WendyK said...

Love the two faces in colour, very brave of you to try.

Christine said...

Lovely art!

Dixie @ Arranged Words said...

Beautiful art. I love the faces.

Clare Lloyd said...

Fabulous painting

DVArtist said...

Really beautiful. I agree the intense colors are wonderful.

Rain said...

Those are some very nice paintings. I love "Sea Rose"!