Friday, April 26, 2019

Into the Fog

One of the scariest of our painting process with Intentional Creativity is the "risky glaze,"  where we take our painting into the fog ...

During my first class, our teacher Elizabeth handed us a  spray bottle, a big brush and transparent color (Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold), a soft cloth (piece of T-shirt) She had us lay our canvases on the floor, then demonstrated spraying the canvas, brushing on the color, and then burnishing it in, using the cloth! ... And then we went off to lunch! 

Yikes and Wow!! 

Used this way, a glaze integrates the colours we've used, and helps unify the picture. It also offers an opportunity to reflect on what is going "into the fog," what concepts are being integrated. We usually spend some time with our journals, exploring these inquiries, noticing insights, and sketching new symbols. We generally sit 5-6 get back from the canvas while writing/sketching, to gain perspective.

The first time I glazed a painting, I was indeed shaking in my boots - what was I going to loose? This painting process becomes a crazy process of "loose her, find her!" ...distinctions disappear, lights darken, colors merge ... Now it's become a favorite part of my IC explorations, and one I look forward to!
Blessing Star

After the glaze, it's time to begin to bring her back, a new round of lights, darks and mediums, a round of highlighting, of deciding whether to reemphasise symbols from the earlier ladye, or bring in new ones. Here's the story of my hummingbird that is with my Taliswoman, and has become a spirit helper for my IC classes. My WW has a Blessing Star as her ally.

It's also a time to change shapes a bit of if I need to- reposition all eye, lengthen or shorten the nose ...
Acrylics are easy to rework - you can't get this wrong!!

We generally use the Golden Fluid acrylics, delicious colors and richly pigmented, but very sheer. Like my first muse, Gabriella, Wonder Woman has a harp, and I'll use gel to bring in more dimension.

Second glaze

Wonder Woman has gone into the fog a couple of times now, (she was in a hurry, and called for a glaze before Jessica invited one!) 

We used different colors on the right and left sides of the canvas - Quin Nickel Azo Gold, and Quin Magenta, ... I added a bit of iridescent gold over parts of the hair, and burnished with my cloth. Then, I let her wanted a bit, while I explored in my journal. 

One of our inquiries is on allies and arch enemies - which super heroines balance between. What are some of those inner demons?'

We've done another round of lights and darks, bringing clarity and dimension as she reemerges from the fog. We're sitting with any new symbols, the background, and any new colors....

Wonder Woman - Stepping out of the fog

Gabriella's Harp

I love this process of exploration with intention. Here are some thoughts and images on the inquiry, "what would you tell a friend who is considering Color of Woman training," from last year's class, Color of Woman 2018.

Definition and more color


sirkkis said...

Your women are always inspiring and superior. Love your art.
Happy PPF and
Wonderful spring time 💕

Alice Gerard said...

What beautiful paintings? What the medium? I am guessing oils? The glazing process looks interesting and I like how it sharpens the colors. Enjoy watching spring unfold!

Alice Gerard said...

It should be what beautiful paintings!!! The font here is really little, lol.

Nadya said...

Thank you!! I am using Golden (brand) Fluid Acrylics, Alice.
They are super saturated, but also very sheer, so there's not much texture, but beautiful sheen, and they dry quickly! Yes,I love watching spring unfold!

Ellie-TheForgottenMuse said...

Your painting is so beautiful!!

Christine said...

Lovely work!

Jeanine Byers said...

They are so beautiful, Nadya!! I loved each version, but I think I liked the ones with more color, better. And my favorite is the one where you barely show one of her eyes. You could create a showing with just her!

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Absolutely stunning, I love what can be achieved by first being given so little... it gives us so much to expand on creatively. Beauty has been created indeed.
Thank you for sharing & Happy PPF Tracey said...

Lovely and gorgeous colours.