Friday, April 12, 2019

Class - Embracing Mama Gaia

One of my favorite themes for a workshop, especially in April when we celebrate Earth Day, is an encounter with Mama Gaia. So when my friend Margot and I began heart storming for our next class in her beautiful rural space, we quickly agreed on Embracing Mama Gaia

We began putting out invitations, and I was especially pleased that two Oregon
Linda Allen
students enrolled in this year's Color of Woman teacher training came! Both Angie and Linda have painted with me a couple of times, and decided that though they are so busy with CoW and life, that this would be a good "reset!" They also felt it was a good way to observe another teacher, as they discover their own flow. (And they loved seeing my prompt cards!) 

Margot and the other three students had painted with me before as well, so the class was easy for me! And I love seeing the paintings develop! 

The Critic and Comparison Queen peeked in, but we sent them outside to smooth out the gravel in the driveway! (One of my favorite distraction tactics!) One beloved with an active critic later shared that she'd sat with her journal and what was coming up, and was able to see more of the issue, and shift it - yes!! She's struggled with this in other workshops, so it was a powerful breakthrough! 

I appreciate Intentional Creativity classes the focus on drawing on one's own images and symbols, and on inner light, and these blessings of insights. Unlike the popular *paint and sip* parties, with most participants creating cookie cutter paintings, each of our IC images is richly unique, from colors chosen to angles, shapes and symbols. 
Each student is invited to delve a little deeper, and see what messages their process and painting carry for them. Each is fascinated by the diversity of images arising from the same (open ended) instructions! 

Embracing Mama Gaia
During our morning circle, I invited each participant to share a favorite mineral, a place in nature, and a metal. I shared about lithium and boron, Breitenbush Hot Springs, and that while I usually wear silver, gold often appears on my canvas. I was intrigued how often salt was mentioned, and the metal copper! The ocean and Mt Shasta were brought in, and the wonderful lichens hanging from Margot's trees.

When we chose our underpainting colors, I also had them then choose metallic paint - I think we all got some copper! I brought along stencils and Dylusion paint, and we used those on an early layer - ferns, leaves, raindrops, sacred geometry ... I continued with my stencil on the sides of the painting, and liked the addition of pattend.

It was a wonderful, rich and powerful weekend. 
my Gaia- in process

Several students continued with their paintings after they were home, and the results are stunning. Mine is in process as well, with stars and symbols beginning to appear. I like the sheen of Micaceous Iron Oxide (Hemetite!) in her hair, and the salmon beginning to emerge. 
Others were content after they finished Saturday, and already knew where their lady would reside. 

What's on your canvas or appearing in your notebook?

Happy Paint Party Friday


Christine said...

Lovely theme and pieces! Your WIP is coming along nicely.

Linda Kunsman said...

wonderful creations by all! Amazing what can come up in our art...
your Gaia is looking so beautiful and peaceful. Happy PPF!

Nita said...

Beautiful creations. I don't paint or draw but I do make quilts. Right now I'm working on a couple, my favorite and most my attitude is a crazy quilt in pinks and reds. Art comes in many forms.

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

What a wonderful collection from the artist's your Gaia is a beauty in the making, such a pleasing composure radiating so much warmth. Happy PPF Tracey

DVArtist said...

I agree with the others, this is a lovely collection.

Beth Niquette said...

What a lovely post. I loved the artwork...and I laughed over your "distraction" for the Critique Queen. LOL Have a lovely day, sweet Lady. I'm from Oregon too. :D

Jeanine Byers said...

Wow, those are all such beautiful creations!! Thanks for sharing the pictures of them here. Sounds like a wonderful process.

Soma @ said...

So innovative! A lovely post full of beautiful artwork and inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing.


Nadya said...

Thank you all so much!
Yes, I love thinking of essays to distract those zealous critics!! Its been delightful seeing photos of the finished pieces! And well met, Beth!!