Thursday, April 28, 2016

Red Thread Story Cards

Do you have some Old Stories and Beliefs running your life? Stories that make you "play safe" rather than dream big? Do you engage in negative self-talk? 

Most of us do! With Intentional Creativity,® we have many processes for unlocking the negative beliefs, bringing them conscious, and then writing new stories in living color! The creative process alchemises true shift, and freedom from outdated beliefs.

One of my favorite ways of shifting the stories is Soulful Story Cards, affirmation cards which offer an antidote to the old stories! In the past, I've written affirmations, then processed "what comes up;" ... here we identify the old beliefs first, then seek an antidote, which becomes our affirmation. The next step is the fun part, paint! Markers! Glitter!!
Story Cards and cover

There are many other possibilities with these personal card decks: choosing favorite quotes, or guidelines like the Reiki or Breema principles, cards for ideas and dreams, prompt cards. One of my students in this year's teacher training told me she's created «Well over 100 card decks, ... mainly for insight and process." Wow! 

Red Thread Circles are ways to connect with our community, in respect and in support for transformation. We often include an activity that is simple, and bypasses the "I can't do that!" "I'm not creative, ____ is the creative One!" "I'm too (old, out of shape, uncoordinated)"  one that is non-threatening, colorful and fun (& maybe messy!) 

At our last circle, a friend who teaches kids art said she realized SHE doesn't engage in creativity as much as she'd like! In our May Red Thread Circle, we'll create a cover and several cards, and offer suggestions use. I'm curious to see what beliefs tag along, and the variety of cards that will be created! 

Happy Paint Party Friday!


Anonymous said...

These cards would be a nice thank you after a meal, or staying at a friends/family members house one weekend.

Unknown said...

These are lovely! My mom send cards out all of the time. Nice job.

Nadya said...

It is fun to make ones for others, as well as for oneself.
I used a couple of my painted backgrounds for BD cards for my two oldest granddaughters!

Anonymous said...

lovely and gentle artiness

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Simply wonderful!

Love and hugs

Nadya said...

Here's a practice that compliments the use of affirmations: using inquiry tho prompt action steps!

Unknown said...

Lovely art and wonderful words.
Wishing you a great weekend.
MiSchra ♥ #25 this week on PPF

Jeanine Byers said...

I love the word "antidote!" I use it in my book. It's exactly what is needed to combat the secret poisons that hold you back (or knock you flat, as the cased may be). :) I also love the idea of sort of talking back to the limiting beliefs by using the truth in the form of affirmations.