Friday, March 9, 2018

Cards and encodings

In our third Moon of Red Madonna, we're painting our YES to arriving on the planet, then
Blooming into Yes!
stars, the cosmos, and encodings our symbols, ..

I'm just at the blooming into Yes stage with my canvas, but LOVE seeing the glyphs and patterns which are emerging! We will be painting for 26 moons (two years), so this is all underpainting.
My next step will be adding stars and Cosmos ...

Last night for our Red Thread Circle, we worked with Mark making, first painting simple backgrounds on watercolor paper, then tearing into cards, and scribiing symbols. 
Making cards is one of my favorite simple projects, and can take many forms. One participant cut pictures for collage, my granddaughter and I painted symbols.

I am gathering information and choosing images to create an Oracle Deck, inspired by my conversation yesterday with my RT SiStar Isha. I find this article on the process helpful. Have you created a deck? 

Are there marks or personal symbols you find appearing in your art?
How do you sign your work? 

My initials are perfect for a monogram style signature, N A K , which I slant together...
Now I often use a crown 👑 for my K, as my last names King.

What symbols do you claim?

Happy Seventh BD, Party Party Friday!


Christine said...

nice work!

Lisabella Russo said...

These are full of a wonderful energy!

Gloria j Zucaro said...

I love the colors and randomness of designs

Jean said...

These cards look like they would be a lot of tun to make!

Jeanine Byers said...

I love your Blooming into Yes! painting!! And how patient you must be to work on a painting for 2 years. I love, too, that it's part of your spirituality.


Jeanine Byers
Hygge Help for Winter Blues

DVArtist said...

Very nice. I am looking forward to seeing your deck.

Anonymous said...

Love your marks and palette! I hear alot about oracle cards but don't know much about them. I seem to like creating pictures but not good at making marks though I do try.