Friday, July 22, 2016

Journey with the Woman who Journied

Today is the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene, 'the most sought after female messenger of the last 2000 years.' My teacher Shiloh Sophia will be joined by her guest Kayleen Asbo for a day of ritual, story & painting, followed by a 22 day novena with chants, rituals & prayers. Not able to join today? You can still register for the class, & paint when you're able. 

One Magdalene devotee writes, "Mary TRAVELLED! She didn't just sit around in one
Mary of Magdala
place, there are stories throughout Southern France, Languodoc & Provance, of her journies, her presence, the sacred objects she carried & her teachings."
Of all the disciples, she is likely to have continued her ministry the longest, over 30 years! 

Mary's gospel was rediscovered in the last century, & is finally available in print. Her main message? Peace & loving kindness! She was well educated, & is likely to have helped fund Jesus' ministry.
Through our art and stories, Mary is still on her healing journey - Is she calling you?  

Mary is called the 'Apostle to the Apostles,' & was the first to share Jesus' message with the other disciples. This year, Pope Francis declared her day an official feast day, and the role of women in the early days of the church is being recognized more frequently. 

I first painted Mary with Shiloh in 2014, & my friend Lora is offering online-support for this class.  I've written several posts on Mary of Magdala, beginning with that first online class, & the most recent, in March of this year. (you can find all the links by clicking on 'Mary Magdalene in the sidebar) 

My current 'Work in Process' is Diva-X, uncoiling! It will be fun to see how she evolves - I've reclaimed a $7.50 canvas from Goodwill, that's 26 x 60" !! It was covered with paper collage, so I began with a layer of gesso - white over the pale areas, & black with some gold acrylic mixed in over the darker central panel. 
And I was at the Fairgrounds with my son & middle grandkids this week, watching their 4-H events; with sketchbook in hand for some 'doodles' ... fun inviting my 10 year old grandson's contribution.

Posting to Paint Party Friday - happy painting!  

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