Friday, January 22, 2016

Sharing Community

The Way of the Red Thread
Our lovely new pastor, Erica Marksbury invited several of us to share stories related to the texts or that week during church this month. Earlier in the month, my daughter spoke about adopting her 'two beautiful daughters' (not a dry eye in the house!) & I was invited to speak on being 'called' by my community.

This dovetails beautifully with our Red Thread community's philosophy that we are 'called' to share these teachings by our beloveds, who seek what we have to offer. I brought several of my Ladies, (Mary of Magdala, Sisterhood of the Red Thread, & my 'thesis' painting: Priestess of the Cosmic Portal)& told of the Russian Orthadox tradition of Mary spinning a red thread for the Veil of the temple, and the Chinese legend that we are connected to those we're destined to meet bay a Red Thread. I read Shiloh's Poem 'Remember Me' at the end of my talk. 

Red Thread Ladies & Nadya
Saturday I'd attended the Art & Wine walk opening, visiting with other artists and guests at Current's Gallery, where my 'ladies' are hanging. I'll be offering my first class in the 'Back Room Studio' at the Gallery mid-February! We'll be painting the 'Queen of Her Own Heart!' 

Atelier - clean up and paint cart
Yesterday I woke up with the idea of moving this wheeled kitchen cart into my 'dining nook' atelier for storage - yea!! And doing a general (much needed!) mucking out - after the months of focus on painting & Color of Woman & #intentionalcreativity !

What's on your easel today?

Happy Paint Party Friday


Faye said...

Your "ladies" are beautiful. I liked the idea of sharing at your church, too. I wish ours did more of that. We used to but as different pastors come and go, so do the traditions and ideas each had. Your cart in the dining nook is a wonderful stroke of brilliance! I have turned my dining room into an art room now that I am a widow and can do with my house as I wish. When company comes, we eat in the kitchen. My dining room buffet now houses art supplies. Thanks for visiting my blog. The snow is 14" deep and since it is cold, it will be a while before it melts. Even here in the South.

Nadya said...

Thank you, Faye!
Yes, it can be challenging to have a rotation of Pastors! Our former pastor was at our church 20 years! His mom (92!) lives back East, so when he received an inquiry from a church fairly close to her, he jumped at it!! He was well loved, and our church is very 'progressive' - so there were apparently lots of folks hoping for an opening here! We had an interim pastor for a year, who did a great job at being fairly 'neutral' - gave us a chance to be ready to move on!! Erica was the unanimous choice of the Search committee, & I think everyone loves her!!
How sweet you also have an art room where your dining room was (though I'm sorry for your widowhood!) I was admiring Ikea carts on line, when I thought of snagging mine!! It's working well so far. Hope it warms up for you soon, pretty nice here today!

Neesie said...

Beautiful 'ladies' and how wonderful to be able to share them with everyone.
I think the organising and use of the cart is a great idea Dia.
I need to do something similar to get organised... hopefully then I'll be able to find everything.
Have a wonderful week :D

Lisabella Russo said...

What lovely paintings! I am glad to have seen them!