Thursday, January 28, 2016

In the Quantum Field

In a recent post 'You are Enough,' my friend & fellow Color of Woman teacher Heidi Sequoia Moondancer wrote, "Here’s the thing about not-enoughness. It’s BS. Have you every stopped and questioned it? Where/who did this message come from? Are they a credible source? What would make you enough? Enough what exactly? Who is holding your imaginary measure stick….and whacking you over the head with it every chance they get (hint, look in the mirror)?"

This is a great time of year to ponder this concept, as it's a time that we often resolve or intend to do 'better' at something than we have in the past. What if we embrace the 'who' we are as enough, and shift our perspective a bit - what do we wish to spend our life force on? What do we value about ourselves, just as we are?

What will best serve us, as we journey through this year? If you work with a journal, this is something you may wish to explore a bit more. 
  •  What challenges have I overcome to get here?  
  •  What are some of my accomplishments over the last year?
  •  I'm happiest when _____________
  •  If I could do a couple of BIG things this year __________________
  •  My values include _______________ (often related to health, spending time with loved one, how you interact with your community ...)
  •  If I could be remembered for one thing, it would be ____________ 
As I assimilate the teachings of the last year, & sit with who I'm becoming as a Color of Woman Teacher & Coach, I am working with some of these questions as well. And basking a bit in the glow of completing the training, & actualizing several of the items on my January list. 
I've taught a class, updated my website, had a couple of artist 'play dates,' journaled, (I'm thinking of following some of the prompts from Journal 52, as it's a free offering, that dovetails with the work I'm already engaged in.) I've spent time with my kids and grandkids, & even played a bit in the garden, in this Warm January weather.

Through Quantum physics, we realize that simply the act of observation changes what is being observed. What if we change our self perception?  What are some of the ways you are 'enough?' 
Happy PPF!


Dea Lenihan said...

Getting spookier yet. This is the year for me too. I started to question my satisfaction and way of thinking. Always bucking the system--I even reviewed that. Why was I doing this and did it still serve me.
There are several comments out there that people take as the final word.
I believe we truly should question everything--even ourselves.
Loved your post.
The other thing this year that I keep thinking of is how our thoughts help or hurt us.
Super interesting stuff.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I really enjoyed the introspection you shared, and a bit of insight into your beautiful blog I had never been to until you left me a comment. I always try to be positive, and don't let that imaginary stick get me down. I truly value myself because I have no one else to critique or criticize me. Cats are never judgmental, just demanding of affection (at least mine are).

I was a part of J52 for two years, but when they went to a different format, I decided to call it quits. Chelle always had good thought provoking prompts, though.

Thanks again for your visit and lovely comment.