Friday, June 19, 2015

Soulful Story Cards

Assignment: Watch the Livestream videos and create your own affirmation cards. Post two photos of your completed cards along with a couple sentences about your experience ...You will need watercolor paper, acrylic paint and sharpies. Glitter optional. (Color of Woman Teacher Training)

Ooo, this WAS fun! This is one of the suggested 'Red Thread Circle' classes offered over a few hours.
I found some shimmery watercolors ("Pearlescent") at Merri Artist, so used those on the affirmation side for each card, after painting the first side with 3 colors of Golden Paint. The first part of the process was writing out a limiting belief on paper or index cards, then coming up with an 'antidote' to the belief on the other side.

I can see offering this to Beloveds, in several ways!
I was asked to do a flower essence 'bouquet' for someone visiting a friend on Monday, & had just painted the first side & torn the cards. The Instruction Sheet that accompanies the Essence has a space for 'Possible Affirmations,' & I generally list a few, suggesting the client 'tweek' the one that seems closest - or OF COURSE craft their own. When I met my friends with the essence & instructions, I brought along one of the painted & torn cards, & suggested that when she finalized her affirmation, she write it on the card to work with - she was delighted! (& had worked with affirmations before, as I suspected from my friend's comments).
Another idea I've had for utilizing a few (I would probably paint the first side) is to write the 5 Reiki Principles, or one's own adaptation of them, during a Reiki Class. And perhaps add a personal affirmation on an additional card.

My 'Artist Date' to the Chehalem Cultural Center on Saturday inspired including the "Potlach" card - West Coast Native Americans counted wealth not in what one had, but in what one gave away over the years! Our term 'potluck' has its roots there ... and the things given were not the dregs/left overs, but often very special & a result of much effort. No wonder there was a clash with the ideals of the dominant culture!
I loved playing with the glitter, & designing the second side - it was a sweet process!

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Clare Lloyd said...

super cards. happy PPF

denthe said...

this sounds like a very therapeutic way of working with art. Wonderful cards!

Giggles said...

Wonderful process...and lovely cards!! Good job!

Hugs Giggles

Linda Kunsman said...

a great way to combine art and spiritual essence-love your cards!

Dia said...

Thanks, ladies, It is a wonderful process & as you say, Linda, a great combination of spiritual essence & creativity!!