Friday, June 26, 2015

Weaving Webs of communication

TalisWoman 1st Key

In my Color of Woman painting/teaching Quest, we are working on our second painting, Talisman/TalisWoman ... 

This is my first painting on wood - cradled Birch Plywood, which my son-in law helped (woodworking) & I gessoed, sanded, gessoed some more ...

We are working with 'keys' to the realm of our inner Artist! "Artist is one of the most sacred of names. It is a name which puts in context all the pieces that before seemed fragmented. It is a space and place of no apology - an archetype which assumes personal authority and whom is willing to look at all her stuff  - her jewels and her BS. Artist"
~ Shiloh Sophia 

We have this weekend set aside for delving deeper, as we'll move into our Business module next weekend ... 

TalisWoman, 4th Key, Revelation
My muse has been very WORDY this week - telling me O need to update my website, to begin to claim that title, ARTIST 
and so I added an art page, but couldn't 'publish' the updates ... on the help screen, there was a little teaser about a streamlined option for constructing a website, so I 'clicked' ... oo la la! You must check out what 'we' came up with! 
Introducing Nadya's Art  

The whole focus has changed - from the bodywork & harp front & center (well, all spread out, I had LOTS of pages!! & still have access to all that content, no worries!) to ARTIST! 

And last month my friend Lora
invited to co-facilitate a workshop 'Mystical Mermaid' ... so much fun! We had two students, & had a lovely time. Lora started a co-op MeetUp group to announce our Women's Intentional Creativity circles & classes to a broader area; and last night I began my own local group
I'm still in process with what to offer first - perhaps simply a meet & greet circle, then likely affirmation cards or Medicine Basket (last post!)

So if you're an artist or crafter in Oregon or visiting the Pacific Northwest who'd enjoy playing with us - please join us!
NO PAINTING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!! The classes form a container to explore creativity, & work with your own images!

Happy Paint Party Friday
 So tickled to see that this week's featured artist, Consie's post is on creating an Inspiration card deck!! I'm going to peruse it for ideas!


Lisa Isabella Russo said...

So wonderful and lovely! Great energy too!

Dia said...

Thank you, Lisa Isabella!

Dia said...
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Dia said...

We are the Brïght ones,
sprung from stardust
wind in our wings and a song in our hearts!
We are the Lïght bearers
the ones who ignite soul fïre
Soaring into the golden Web
encircling mama Gaia

Do you hear us singing at Dawn?
Do you feel us?
tugging at your heart cord?

wake up! wake up, Wake Up!

It is Time and more than time
to SïNg our songs of Lïght
to add our voices, full throttle
to the great choir
to break the silence
to SïNg
to dance
to love, accept, allow, envision
to call the tribe, dispersed to the directions

It is time!

Wake Up!