Monday, October 12, 2020

Instagram -Tags and Tips

Yay, I now have 1000 followers on Instagram! 

I began posting on Instagram two years ago, after Maestra Shiloh Sophia suggested we  use the #intentionalcreativity, and see if we could boost the numbers of posts over a thousand or so tagging our brand! We are now at 13.4 K! 

In those early days, I wrote, "It's been fun playing with my pictures for posts, making little montages (which don't always behave!) And meeting new virtual friends! I love the journal pages @quantummemoir does, and ... I'm @nadyakingartist ❤"

  • When you start typing a tag, suggestions will come up - bypass ones that have over a million, and look for ones in the 50 - 500k range ... 
  • Look at tags other friends and colleagues in your community use - make a note of those which fit! 
  • Choose a few that are unique to you, or your small group. Recently I added red thread Creatives, as that's the name of my Facebook group. 
  • It's a good idea to check out the tag, and see how the posts match your intention - I usually click "recent" as well 💖
  • I took part in a pod early on, where 6-8 of us tried to post daily, follow each other, and like and comment on each other's posts - Quantum Memoir was one of the pod, and we're still in touch.
  • When you have a bit of extra time, visit some of the folks who liked recent posts, and choose several which appeal to interact with and comment on.  
  • Post a link to your website or blog in your bio, and update your site regularly. If you're promoting an event, make more information/ registration easy to find.

Here's a recent post with other suggestions on using hashtags.

Are you on Instagram? You're invited to post the link to your account, and share an tips you've discovered. 



Cindy W said...

Congratulations and I found this interesting and helpful.

Dominique B. said...

This is useful -- I like these tips and will start using them with my posts. Also Congrats!

Nadya said...

Thank you!!
I'm glad the tips are helpful 💗

Martha said...

I'm on Instagram but just share a few posts now and then. Thanks for the tips, look me up Martha DeMeo