Thursday, January 30, 2020

Oracle and Ally - Legendary Journey and Glow

As Shiloh began teaching the process we've come to know as Intentional Creativity, one of the first steps has been a journey to reconnect with our Legendary Self in a several week class  that includes journaling, visioning and painting. As the prerequisite for the Color of Woman teacher training, over 120 women are in our virtual classroom this year. Nearly half of those will go on to join the teacher training in March.
From the first splashes of color and journal entries, the stories begin to flow and images emerge. Much of the legendary journey involves delving into the stories that shaped us, turning into the compost that will nourish our growth. And at times, sparks and speckles of white paint, dancing stars and biophotons...
Legend and Ally
Layers build, on the canvas, in the journals. Sketches, messages from the Oracle via our painting, glimpses of allies and receiving their messages ... 
We knock on the doorway, and seek admittance to the world of our Legendary Selvesi. My first Legend in 2015 was Snande'nea Star Gate, and was the largest canvas I'd worked on - yikes! 
Sherry, Nadya, Rema and Angie (with Sherry's Legend)
In 2018 we hosted an open studio during the Legendary online journey, gals from around the state who had been painting in their own studios loaded paint, brushes, and thrir big canvases in their cars to join us. Several crane with smaller paintings button in one of our classes. Three who brought their Legends are now teaching IC (Sherry and Angie) or Cosmic Smashbooking (Rema). I brought the legendary lady I'd begun the year before, with the class of 2017. 
Sherry at our fall class at MECA

After several layers (Golden Fluid acrylics, acrylic ink) journaling and sketching, this big dragon appeared in the patterns, is peeking through the portal ...
Legendary portal - 2020
Which then shifted again ...with a layer of milky white - sprayed and dripping - bringing in more light
Milky integration
And was finally ready for the forms to emerge
Sketch on canvas
Blocked in, time to listen

We are opening,
Connection, integration
In the unfolding

Oracle's wisdom
The dance of critic and Muse
Finding a balance

As we paint, we Try to preserve the Glow, the "steady radiance of light" a bit of the background, shining in one side of the defining lines... 

This bit of light reminds us that we are all "cooling sacks of stardust," and actually, we emit a bit of life-light, biophotons in the ultraviolet range! 
Though I did the original sketch in brown, I highlighted the outlines in white, bringing back some of that glow.
This is perhaps the first time the sisters are introduced to the concept of bringing the Glow into their paintings, it will thread through future canvases and classes, bringing more vitality and interest.
There are many layers still to come on our journey to meet our Legendary lady's Oracle and Allies. Who else will emerge, and what messages will they bring?

Do you receive messages from your paintings/ drawings

Happy Paint Party Friday and Rain's Garden Thursday Art Date - Glow


Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

What a fabulous post Nadya, and to work on a canvas so large scares me now.. An inspired way to create the background and draw her form from what appears within the canvas, inspiring and creative. Beautiful work. Happy PPF Tracey.

Nadya said...

Thank you, Tracey!
Tee hee - I love small, and remember working on tiny boys of watercolor paper and little art journals ... Big really is easier in some ways ❤

Christine said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful art journey!

Crafting Queen said...

Love seeing how your painting developed, beautiful piece. said...

Interesting art journey, thanks for sharing.

Elkes Lebensglück said...

Interesting, beautiful painting!!!Great the background!!

Rain said...

Hi Nadya :)) I LOVE your method...I love how you applied layers and how your painting spoke to you and YES, that does happen to me too. I start with something in mind usually then my mind veers off and suddenly I know what I want to see and feel and paint! Lovely and thank you so much for joining in! I love seeing the photos of you and your friends!!! :)

Nadya said...

Thank you all!
Ooo, I love hearing how creativity works for you, Rain - isn't out fascinating how it morphs?
and really enjoyed your Tuesday Art Date prompt, and look forward to the next one! ❤

DVArtist said...

Really a wonderful post. I love working on large canvases. Well done.

Cathy Kennedy said...


It's great meeting you through Rain's Thursday art date. I'm running late but enjoyed sneaking a peak at your contributions. Have a doodletastic week!

Glow #art

R's Rue said...