Thursday, September 7, 2017

Featured Artist

About a year ago, during our annual Art Harvest Studio Tour, I was introduced to the owners of the Gallery at Ten Oaks, by one of the artists they represent. I asked if they were accepting art from New artists, and they said, "Yes! We'd love to see your work!" 

My friend Sepha and I went together a couple of months later, with 5 pieces each, and they were delighted to show our intuitive, mindful art! They spotlight one artists work each month and already had a full schedule; so asked if we would have a combined show, as their Featured Artists in September! 
5 of My ladies are on the left

We were in the path of totality for the eclipse, and a couple of the pieces for the show include the moon and Sun's corona. I revisited my Queen of Your own Heart, "She Sees By Starlight" and had to paint a little Dragon! I think my Red Madonna Dragon will hold the eclipsed  sun as well.

It was fun to look back, and see paintings I had for my first Featured Artist show, M Musings, back in 2014 at Walnut City Wineworks, before entering the CoW teacher training! 

Eclipse from Central Oregon, © Ken Strode
My painting Sekhmet hung there for the next year, and is in this show as well. 
I have several classes on the schedule for September, Red Thread Reiki 1, and a Musé Day offering, Musé of Equilibrium, exploring themes of harvest, compost, and cycles.

* are you too far away to visit the Gallery? Enjoy this 1/2 hour YouTube clip where I share my harp and art on our local cable channel, with host Howie Harkema!! 

Blessings as you move into fall, and happy Paint Party Friday! (Head over to the blog roll, and add your post to the list!


Christine said...

Congrats on your feature and what a stunning eclipse photo

Clare Lloyd said...

Well done

Kokopelli said...

Beautiful paintings! And congrats! Happy PPF!

geistige_Schritte said...

wonderful painting!!!
and great eclipse photo!!!
Happy PPF

DVArtist said...

Very beautiful display of your show.

Faye said...

Love the vibrant colors you use in your paintings.

Nadya said...

Thank you all!!
My nephew Ken is a professional photographer, and even caught Mercury (lower left) in his photo! One of my friends captured the Bailey's Beads and Diamond Ring effects! It was spectacular!

sirkkis said...

What an inspiring painting, Nadya. Love it. And your 5 featured paintings Re great, congrats ❤ Fantastic photo!
Happy weekend 🌸

Gillena Cox said...

Simply lovely these pieces
Happy PPF

Much 😍 love

SandeeNC said...

Congrats on being featured. I too was in the path of totality, what an awesome and inspiring experience!

Jennifer McLean said...

That's fantastic news. I've always wanted to be a featured artist! Good for you!

Nadya said...

Wasn't seeing the eclipse awesome?! And yes, I am honored to be featured!
It was interesting to choose which paintings to take, 5 are already on display, (in a different area) and I brought an even dozen for our special exhibit. I think Sepha brought 9!
So we have 30 in the Gallery between us!

JKW said...

How fantastic. Congrats on going after what you want. Blessings, Janet