Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fire Keeper

Owl Woman - Fire Keeper
Wind at my back, fanning the coals, sun rises in the East
Fire keeper Am I, Keeper of the Sacred Flame
From Lo'oet, Fire Keeper
Long have I known you
  loved you
    guided you
      Little one, little SiStar, Talis Tenas
       Beloved little one
I sit on the bridge, tending the Sacred Fire
  for the people
     for the old and the young
      the sound of heart & spirit,
     for the weak and lonely ones
       for the free, for those ensnared
Medial Woman Am I
   On the Bridge between the Worlds
     Tending the Sacred Flame
       Carrying the stories, bringing change & renewal
And the Chalice of Pure Water
  During this time of fires, of drought
    This time of Smoke and danger
      I remind you to guard your flame carefully
   I hold the fire, yet my colours
     Are watery blues and purples
The Chalice brings life, brings renewal,
  Come, share the water of life!
Owl Woman, Woman between the worlds
  Wisdom woman, Keeper of the Sacred flame
    One with Clear vision, who calls sacred the homeland
Who are you?
   What would you?
      When will you?
    Who do you Ally with?
       What calls your Heart & Soul?
          How will you live from your vision?
Way shower, holder of blessings
  Who are you, in the great world?
     What do you bring
        In your Medicine Basket?
Medial woman, Owl woman
   holding place in the Middle
     Holding Soul Fire stories,
       Which warm the heart & enflame the spirit!
    Watching over the land & the people.
Fire Keeper am I, story keeper, wisdom keeper
    Keeper of the Sacred Flame
      Ever renewing, ever renewed
        Come! Drink from the sacred well!
      Come! Come home to your soul!
********* ********* ********* ********* ********** ********** **********
Tenas Talis, Little Beloved one!
 We bring you Wings & the gifts of the old Knowing! We light the fires of the hearts and souls, as you fill the cups, & share the abundance that comes to you naturally and sweetly! You draw from the well of old stories, weaving the NEW renewed and renewing You reweave the dreams, shining light on the strands, untangling, smoothing, awakening understanding. Quantum blessings await all who come to the bridge between the ways and worlds. 
You are so blessed, share the blessings! As you dance into who you came to be, the people come to the bridge - they come, they come! Are you ready? Fan the flames, pour the cup, tend the hearth, set the table, Welcome those who come to be renewed & ever renewing! All is well, all manner of being is well.
Aho - it is good!

** In the late 70s, I followed a meditation to 'meet your internal healer,' & Lo'oet came forward. Lo'oet is the old name for Mt St Helens, & in the NW tradition, she was the only one along the Columbia River who still had fire ... so Great Spirit (or coyote!) commissioned her to sit on the Bridge of the Gods, (then a land bridge) sharing her fire with those from both sides of the river. The children sent to receive fire from her mock her, so she asks Great Spirit to renew her youth and beauty, which Great Spirit agrees to, reluctantly! and then ....

In the 90s, I retold her story, weaving in an Owl companion, & shared it in my Creative Writing class. A few years later, I wrote a song for my new harp, 'Fire Keeper's Lay,' which begins with the line "Wind at my back, fanning the coals, sun rises in the East" ... In a workshop on healing I took around that time, Rosalyn Bruyere commented that people ally around the goddess of the land, Isis in Egypt, in the NW, it was Owl Woman.
My grandmother's middle name was Vestella, 'little fire/hearth goddess' ... in both the NW and Greek stories, Lo'oet & Vesta have trouble choosing between two loves ... Apollo (sun/fire) & Poisiden (water!) .... here we have the chalice & the sacred flame ...

Owl Woman, Fire Keeper is the third painting for my Color of Woman teacher training, within the theme Soul Fire or Alchemist. Within the crucible, base metal becomes fine gold.
During 'Adornment, I used interference paint (just a dot!!), some mixed with Quinacridone Magenta or with Pthalo Turquoise. You'll notice these places where highlights reflect different colour!

What lights your soul fire, and keeps it burning? 
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Clare Lloyd said...

She is lovely. Happy PPF

Valerie-Jael said...

Beautiful words, colours, face, vibes. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Dia said...

Thank you so much, Claire and Valerie!
Happy PPF!

sirkkis said...

Impressive art. Strong colour and vibrant mood.
Hugs xx

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

The monochromatic use of cool colors gives this piece a very spiritual feel. Iincorporated the symbolism of the sacred heart was a special touch. Happy PPF and Blessings! #38

Giggles said...

Gorgeous spiritual pieces!! Well done!

Hugs Giggles

prachee Vashistha said...

I like ur work nd words both!!!!

robin lorraine williamson said...

all I can say is wow so beautiful and inspiring zen hugs

denthe said...

She is beautiful..... Love that owl!

Tracey Fletcher King said...

Such lovely colours, textures and lines. It is very lyrical

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Wow I love her. She is spectacular!!!

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

Beautiful. All of it. LoVe!

Nat S said...

fairy image :)

Laney said...

Love this! Beautiful colors and so much emotion.

Kim Dellow said...

totally beautiful! I'm so glad you linked up to Show Your Face, thank you for joining in. Kx

Dia said...

Mahalo for all the kind comments!!