Friday, March 4, 2016

Red Thread Circling 'round

Story Cards
Yesterday marked the first of our monthly Red Thread Circles, & the second offering in Currents Gallery 'Back Door Studio.' My co-hort Sepha & I held held space for 4 beloveds, saying prayers for women around the world in honor of International Women's day next week. Each of us made 2-4 story cards, using tempera, colored & inktense pencils, pens & markers. 

Two of the women had been with us mid February to paint our Queens, & we are thoroughly enjoying utilizing this dedicated Art space! 
Queen class - D & Sepha
 We are planning a couple of offerings each month, and Sepha is enrolled in Color of Woman, 2016. 

Next up: Winged One, March 11 & 12
Have you dreams you wish to manifest? What wings can you give them?
In Winged One, explore giving your dreams wings to fly. We'll use active imagination and Intentional Creativity to find tools to identify old patterns holding you back, and new ways to bring your dreams alive.

Icaricia Butterfly on Camas
What wings does your dreamer have? Multicolored butterfly wings? Shimmery dragonfly wings? Or the soft down of feathers? Iridescent? Whisper soft? A slip of mist?

I invite you to consider this question - what dreams do YOU wish to manifest? What will give your dream wings?

Happy Paint Party Friday!!   



Linda Kunsman said...

what lovely thoughts and questions to ponder. Beautiful butterfly canvas!

DVArtist said...

Love seeing the group focused on their paintings. Good question too. Have an nice Sunday

Beth Niquette said...

How perfectly lovely...butterflies are my favorite insect. :D Happy PPF!