Friday, July 31, 2015

Songs of Light - TalisWoman

Songs of Light

Songs of Light
 We are the Bright ones
Sprung from Stardust
wind in our wings and a song in our hearts!
We are the Light bringers, the ones who ignite soul fire
Soaring into the golden web
Encircling Mama Gaia
 Do you hear us singing at dawn?
Do you feel us, tugging at your heart cords?
 It is time, and more than time
To Sing our Songs of Light,
 To add our voices, full throttle,
to the great choir of life!
 To break the silence
To sing
 To dance
to love, accept, allow, envision
 To call the tribe spread to the directions
It is time! Wake up!
 It is time
Oh Sada, it is good!

I am a Way shower & visionary guide
My internal compass is strong & points true
I sing my Songs of Light,
Inviting you to awaken & share your gifts!

I have long been someone who loved the stories, & helping others shift their affirmations, What's possible? How can the old stories & affirmations shift into the new, I love the image of the hummingbird whispering to the flowers, admiring them & thanking them for sharing their gifts. (Northwest Natives called Hummingbird Sen Sen, & this is one of the atributes.)
The song of the heart calls the circle, and sparks the radiance present in each ... Singing songs of Light, the chorus joins in, each with its own sacred, beautiful notes.

This is the Second painting in my Color of Woman/Intentional Creativity Teacher Training, a time to claim ourselves as Artists, & move closer to sharing the method with others.  "This is the time and space in Color of Woman to go further in your own healing journey and practice, to prepare yourself to teach in a very empowered and conscious way. ...  Be mindful yourself not to try to save anyone else - let them have their process without needing to fix. Just witness. Which is what you will be doing as teachers - witnessing, not fixing."  
& from Shiloh Sophia:
"Artist is one of the most sacred of names. It is a name which puts in context all the pieces that before seemed fragmented. It is a space and place of no apology - an archetype which assumes personal authority and whom is willing to look at all her stuff  - her jewels and her BS. Artist."

How does YOUR sense of being an artist live in you? What is your 'Touchstone' for this role? 
Talis - Chinook jargon: Darling, beloved
Talisman - an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck.

Happy Paint Party Friday - thank you for visiting!!  


Liz Powley said...

Some gorgeous textures in this. And so many beautiful elements.

Thankyou for sharing. Happy PPF!

Best wishes,

Robin said...

Beautiful painting and awesome words. I am a new follower. Thank you for your words of wisdom that
got me thinking about my role, I never thought of it that way. I am still working on calling myself "Artist" and write out my affirmations, including that I am an Artist, every day. Your words have me looking at myself, thank you. Happy PPF, Rasz

Nadya said...

I'm glad it was thought provoking for thou, Rasz!
You might enjoy the post on Soulful Story Cards, a nice way to work with your affirmations with art!!

Nadya said...

Thank you, Liz!