Monday, September 1, 2014

Art for the Soul Curriculum

Several of my creative friends & I have been pondering the merits, & the drawbacks, to studying Art in schools, possibly for certification in Art Therapy or to teach; and the less defined path, following the "Soul's Curriculum." 

This is where the door is opening, will you peek through? 

"The most regretful people on Earth are those who felt the call of creative work, who felt their own creative power restive & uprising, & gave it neither power nor time." Mary Oliver

My friend Brenda posted this quote, & went on to write "Sums up my feelings after lots of soul searching earlier this year & the realization that my one regret is that I never went to art school. I looked at schools & prices, and none of it really resonated in my soul. Then I started looking at teachers I admire, classes that inspire, souls I love. ... I realized the classes I love the most are the ones that are intuitive, access the soul, invite inner listening, etc." 

My friend Jeanette writes "We are all Creative Beings. This is our birthright, regardless of our circumstances, talents or beliefs. The invitation is to discover how your creative gifts will be used to create a reality that is worthy of your Soul's incarnation." 

My co-worker Jackie Hausman is another who has pondered enrolling an official Art Therapy program, or simply continuing her own Journey of the Soul with fabulous intuitive painting, & Soul studies.
Over the last several months, I've been painting with several wonderful and inspirational Art teachers, after my own hiatius from doing much visual art. Taking a class with my friend Elisabeth last February opened the door, she in turn has studied with a number of artists both in person & on-line, including Shiloh Sophia McCloud & Flora Bowley. I met Brenda & Jeanette in the Art of Allowing course I took this summer with Flora Aube.

I like the concept of following our 'Soul's Curriculum,' as we open the door to our own creative path; will you step through the portal? 

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