Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Encaustic Wax

Mmmmm - got a box of 'pretty colours' today - a set of encaustic wax 'crayons'
Last year when I took the beeswax collage class, Diane mentioned encaustics (& had us do a bit of drawing, if we wanted, with regular crayons to get the idea) . . . . so today I stopped by Merri Artist & picked up a box of colours. There are also little pots of wax mixed with medium - but while handy, those are more expensive - & I tend to pick up art supplies (what, you too??) & then not necessarily USE said supplies.

Here's a video with some examples - & take a look at this lovely "Gold Dragon" by Martina Loos I want to do things like this!!
I've watched several of the videos, & it looks like a lot of fun. I have a tiny iron that I used for the beeswax collage, & a little iron that I got when I was making Christmas presents. It doesn't get super hot - so it may be just right for Encaustics - or it may be too cool.

The white 'mountain' peeks are made by painting wax on the iron, then drawing it up - same with the sky & green at the bottom. Martina uses tools to remove wax, & a smaller heated 'clip' to draw with wax . . . hope to have some goodies to show off soon!


Unknown said...

hello dia
i am happy you got the post card, play the game is nice!
thanks for all the comments

Unknown said...

I love what you are doing! Found your blog today and I'm following!!

Martina Loos said...

hello Dia
I saw you have my painting "Gold dragon" here on your Blog.
I am glad you like my Art :-)
But please make a link to my Website when you use it! http:// www.fantasy-encaustic-art.de
You can also link to my Blog http://martinaloos.blogspot.com
if you like
with best wishes
Martina Loos

Nadya said...

Thank you, Martina!! It is BEAUTIFUL - sorry I didn't have a link - glad you sent them!