Monday, September 14, 2009

Soul Collage treats

This weekend my 9 yr old granddaughter Alyssa was decorating her 'writing notebook' for her class, & needed some images from my store of old magazines - & when I was helping her look, I found some that inspired me . . . . & then some more . . .

So after a hiatus of several months, a group of SC cards came forward.

It seems that's my tendency in art/craft - something will engage my imagination for awhile, & I'll find myself involved in that media or with that subject, then interst will shift.

The first card: Tower & Labyrinth I bring you peace, a 'breather.' Time to step aside, let go, let down your hair - move into the tower of tranquility & repose.

Firekeeper, Protect
We remind you of the Heart of the Fire, of our protective warmth & secret depths. I am the tender of the Sacred Flame, guardian of the hidden treasure.

I carry the traditions in my eyes & on my shoulders. The dream catcher snatches away aught that threatens to disenpower. I dance to the ancient drum, & call you to remember your roots, in the depths of time!

I am the transformation! Open to the possibilities & catch the sun.

N W Passage

The NW adventure is your for the asking - move through the Northwest Passage & come home! Open your crown & remember the mer-people (mermaid with child on the Left above the Orcas) Hear the sounds of the Northern winds & whale song calling.

There's a lovely enrty on the Threads of Spiderwoman blog about the symbol of hands with an eye in the palm - such a fascinating symbol! I have a hamsa (eye of Fatima) pendant I picked up in Los Vegas (!) after admiring my girlfriend's piece.


Christine said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog and for the information on the coconut milk. I hadn't heard of that for AIDS. I will look that up. If so, I am sending a crate to my brother for christmas.

Unknown said...

happy to visit your page, i like yours words, thanks

Anonymous said...

Wow, Dia, those are some very powerful images! I'm especially loving your tower and labrynth card. The tower card in the tarot is the one I fear coming up the most. So to see your interpretation of Tower is such a refreshing sight. I've been meaning to make a soul collage deck of my own for some time. I've got lots of images stashed aside, but haven't yet actually gotten to work on it. Maybe in this coming year...