Friday, February 13, 2009

heART cards

The heART cards arrived this week - & they are all so beautiful!! They arrived wrapped in pink tissue paper - perfect for making some more beeswax collage :)

My grand daughters quickly began 'claiming' cards - "I want THIS one!" . . . I explained that while we could make some similar ones, these are mine for now :)

THank all of you for making this exchange so fun! Some of my favorites are the itty bitty ones - who would have thought??

Of course, i love doll's houses & minatures - just received some dolls from England, & am thinking of making 'herbal healer's' cottage, based on Monica Furlong's 'Wise Child' series, set in Middle ages. Several homes are described in great detail.

I've checked a few doll house books out from the Library, & have been jotting down ideas. When Mary & Josh were young, I drew paper dolls, & we loved doll house stuff. For several years she played with one from her grandparent's attic, then gave it back to the aunt for whom it was originally constructed.

Our dear friend Kate also loved doll houses, & refurbished one from her own childhood - which entertained my kids for hours. The grandkids have passed a sturdy wood 'kid style' home back & forth - i'ts currently at Emily & Gregory's home.

I gave some of the earlier beeswax heart cards to my office buddies & a group of gal friends - stamped a word on each (my original idea for the heART cards) & everyone smiled at getting a home made valentine!

Thanks again to all the heARTists for participating in theValentine's exchange!


Tammie Lee said...

Oh that pile is simply wonderful!

Have fun with your miniature adventures!

Linda said...

Thanks for your comment! You are from my favorite place on earth-- I just love Oregon. Your art is beautiful :)

Jane said...

Hi Dia!

Oh, thank you so much for your harp/heart Valentine! What fun to receive this spread of magic in the mail. So glad we all participated. I *love* the idea of creating a miniature herbal healer's cottage a la WISE CHILD (oh, I love that book -- such a quintessential source for my imaginative adult life. Dia, I love what you wrote to me about the flute maker saying to "play the hills and trees". Oh, perfect!!!!

xxxooo, Reiki and harp song to you, my dear!

Michelle Eaton said...

Hi Dia, thanks for visiting my blog I loved getting your comment. I am interested to see your paper dolls and all your other creations.

L'Adelaide said...

hi dia, i now have a private blog and since i couldn't find an email for you, thought i would pop over and tell you that if you click my lovely orange tulip icon/avatar, it will take you to my profile where you will find my email. send me one and i will put you on the invite list ~ I would love it if you would join us!!!

blessings to those cards and you have inspired me to dig out that old doll house my dh made my daughter when she was, she's 27!! my granddaughter is coming for a visit in a month-what fun to have that to play with! ( i think....hmmm)

Unknown said...

wo wow wow! A pile of beauty! I love making my own cards and will certainly drop by often :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog

Sorrow said...

Thanks for the visit, I must say i was a bit tempted to do a hare piece in collage, but, after looking thru your lovely work, I have decided I shall leave that to those who have that gift! Your things are very lovely indeed!