Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Harp Dance

I finished the Beeswax collage valentines, ready to ship off to Mother Henna!! My 'trial run' cards I'll be giving to 'friends n family.'
I'll outline the process later :) As a kid, my mom would help me make construction paper valentines with doiles; when I saw these, I finally had the inspiration for the cards. Each has a heart or Harp stamp (hand carved on a white heart shaped eraser) for the heART in the center.

Inspired by a lovely SoulCollage card 'she dances the world into being' created by Ilah; (& here's a card by Rainepresence - both posted on KaleidoSoul) I did this little Harp Dance piece with the rest of the wax using a small pressed board 'picture' I'd picked up at St. Vincent's a few days ago for 25 c :)
"We dance on the gold strings of the universe, singing the llano, soaring & spinning amongst the stars!"

The gold on red in the corners is from large paper party napkins I'd picked up at Goodwill; I've had the lino cutters since High School, & used them occasionally over the years.
My 8 year old grand daughter carved the other side of a heart shaped eraser I used to make the valentine stamps.

I got a call this AM that the beekeeper had dropped off 2 # of wax at his mom's sewing shop for me, at ~ price of one pound if I'd gotten some at Michael's craft shop! I picked up a small 'butter warmer' (over a candle) at Bi-mart last week, & it works well to heat the wax! Just have to prop the brush against something, as it's not deep.

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L'Adelaide said...

really sweet...I love the smell and color of natural bee's wax...