Friday, February 9, 2018

RT Circle Guide

Since she was a teen growing up in California's Bay Area, Artist Shiloh Sophia has been calling circles, gathering people, often "misfits and outcasts," inviting them to belong. In her art galleries, she often set up a station to create, and invited guests to do a project in art and inquiry. 

After a brief sojourn in art school, and resulting frustration with the focus on realistic painting, and scathing "critiques," she returned to her roots and independent study with her mentor, Master Painter Sue Hoya Sellers. (1936-2014) Sue invited everyone she knew to, "commit art," and Shiloh Sophia has taken that invitation literally.

After almost a decade of offering the Color of Woman Intentional Creativity program, which Hoya Sellers helped establish, Shiloh Sophia launched Red Thread Circle Guide training.  Around 50 women from around the world who are healed enough, and ready to call Red Thread Circles in their own communities are enrolled in the training. I am excited for these SiStars, and the beloveds who will be served. 

A Chinese Legend tells us a Red Thread connects us from before birth with those we're destined to meet. The thread may twist and tangle, but it won't break, and gradually draws us closer. We each have our own piece of the thread, what is ours to cause and create. RT circles help us identify our own piece, and to connect with others in our tribe. 
I have offered RT circles for the past three years, since my enrollment in the IC Color of Woman training, and am honored to be one of those offering support to this first RT Circle Guide training. 
Last night our monthly circle included 7 sisters and two Guides, including my 13 year old granddaughter. KK was my "guinea pig" for my first Red Thread Circle in 2015, helping me practice my first offering, a Cosmic Smashbook cover. 
Our inquiry art circle was what Renewal we are seeking this Imbolc season, what are we Devoted to? What title would we put on our "book?"

We created a small book, using 1/4 sheet of 90# watercolor paper, folded the long way and torn into two strips for a 6 page, single signature booklet. We used watercolors markers, and colored or Inktense pencils to create our covers, and red thread to tie the signatures. 

  •  Coverwhat am I devoted to? What's my new Myth? What is my book Title?
  • 1/2 - What is the challenge/ old story?
  • 3/4 Middle - symbol / words of transformation 
  • 5/6 - Renewal, devotion, resolution
 A Nation of Women With Wings 
These little booklets are easy to create, and could hold more signatures - here's a post on making a simple single signature booklet, and one for two or more signatures. This is a great project for any age and topic! Have you made booklets?  Post a link in the comments! 

My IC Guild cohort Sepha used three strips of folded paper for her booklet (for 10 inside pages), and painted a symbol that commonly appears in her art on each page. I love that idea, and am beginning one to contain the symbols I use. Do you have symbols, shapes orcolors you use frequently?

Though Shiloh didn't originally plan to include doing a painting in the Red Thread Circle Guide program, that's so integral to her work, we are working on a canvas "after all!" Here's the beginning of mine, the circle, with symbols for myself in the center.  ... 

Vesta and Crown


Jan said...

This is a very interesting post.
I love the informative ideas...thank you for sharing.

Happy PPF 🎨

Jeanine Byers said...

I really LOVE the idea of gathering the misfits & outcasts so that they can belong!! I need a think-through of how to create that same sense of belonging with my website, videos and blog. I also love this idea of thinking about those questions at this time of year and would like to do something along these lines myself... (pondering what that would look like.)

Your comment section doesn't offer a "name/URL" option, so I am leaving mine here. :)

Jeanine Byers

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful description of our Red Thread Circles and how you and Sepha transformed this work into your own. I love reading your blog, Nadya, and seeing how you show up in this world. Such a blessing! ~Hobby

Nadya said...

Thank you, Jan, Jeanine and Hobby!
I love the idea of bringing more of that welcome and belonging into your website, videos and blog! Thanks for including your url!
Oh, thank you, Hobby! It's always fun to see what the synergy brings!

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What an interesting post. The idea of welcome and belonging is beautiful.

Linda Kunsman said...

wonderful post filled with great descriptions regarding Shilo, her teachings, and the red thread. I have only touched on this when watching/listening to her during the "Women Unleashed" series. I love the energy this type of work manifests. Happy PPF!

laurie said...

such an inspiring and beautiful post!

denthe said...

Never heard of that Chinese legend, but it sounds fascinating. Your painting is looking great already. Happy PPF!

A Colorful World said...

I loved the story of the Red Thread. What a beautiful, inspiring way of looking at life!

Jeanine Byers said...

Nadya, I wanted to come back & tell you that your blog post inspired one of mine. I spent the day writing it and it will post on Monday, with a link back to this post because you inspired it. Hopefully, I'll see you in the group when I post it, but if I don't, i'll try to remember to come back & post the link here.


Nadya said...

I look forward to reading your post, Jeannine! So glad of our own Red Thread of connection!

Nadya said...

Linda, I'm glad you've enjoyed connecting a bit with Shiloh and the tribe through Amber's Woman Unleashed!
I connected when I took a class in 2014 with one of the local students, who needed to offer a painting workshop! I was enchanted, and took several online classes, including WU that summer; enrolled in Color of Woman the next year. It's been a lovely journey.

Nadya said...

Jeannine, I had just read about Hyyge recently, love your website and blog!!
I'm painting my living room a pale pale minty green, and bringing in more light and comfort! I love your meditations! Xxx

Beth Niquette said...

I love the idea of the red thread. It is beautiful--just as your artwork is lovely--elegant and simple.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Actually this is a powerful post. Love the red thread.

NatureFootstep said...

interesting post. I can understand her frustration in artschool. Guess that is why I never went to one :) Love your yellow art.