Friday, June 28, 2019

Apothecary 2019

Our painting community is embarking on another journey into the alchemical plan of the Apothecarian, with around 100 from around the globe using the process of inquiry, journaling and paint to transform tragedies into remedies. 

This will be the 5th time Shiloh and Jonathan teach Apothecary, and is the second online version. (You can read about last year's journey here)  Our art journal prompts come from the wonderful Jenafer Joy, and are awesome as usual. The process itself has been put in the crucible, and is being distilled for IC teachers to offer our own versions of Apothecary to local students.

I am one of the gals witnessing and offering support in our online classroom, and am working
Altar holding space for the Atelier
this morning to get my space ready. For more than a year, I've been "in process" with moving my studio from my dinning nook to part of my living room, about time I finished that project, don't you think??!! (Where does the time go?)

Yesterday we opened the Apothecary class with a Zoom session - this is such a great way to connect with community! 
Shiloh invited us to do a couple of "pen and paper" exercises, identifying one old story that was coming up - draw a representation of it, then find and draw an antidote. These processes are so accessible, and are one of the tools I use in my coaching practice. Mine was around valuing I need to do it all myself - the antidote is the triple spiral of connection/interdependence! 

Journal prompt
Time to get back to the clearing and shifting of the Atelier! 

Happy Paint Party Friday! 

Friday, June 14, 2019

Rose Beads and Red Thread

June roses are so magical and I love those with old fashioned fragrance! 

Since my teen years, I've been making rose beads, you can read about my adventures here, and here

For yesterday's Red Thread Circle I led a group of 6 SiStars through the process, and everyone went home with at least a dozen beads in an egg carton! One SiStar shared a necklace she made when her son was young, strung with beads she'd made wrapping the petals around a toothpick, saying a prayer/wish for him as she wrapped each one. She and another participant had driven around 45 minutes to join us (!) and two others also came from our of town.

I have 5 fragrant roses, and old Moss from a cemetery, my family dark pink rose, a
Fragrant fresh rose petals
variegated  with pink stripes on white, and two David Austin roses. With the abundance of fresh petals, I gathered petals daily, simply pulling loose petals off the centers, leaving the hips to develop. 

I filled my crockpot nearly to the brim, and added a splash of rose tea. I kept the spices simple, Garam Masala and some extra cinnamon, and began simmering three days before our gathering.

Rose tea : rose petals, rose geranium leaves, lemon verbena, yarrow and lavender, steeped in my little French press.

I'd turn the crock pot on, stir a bit, and leave it at the lowest setting for an hour, and did that a couple of times the first two days, adding a splash of liquid as needed. Late the second day, I ran then through my food processor, and returned the mash to the crockpot, heating and cooling again. Since many of the petals were pale, and the crock pot ceramic, the mash stayed pale. Farmer petals and exposure to iron makes them darker.

Rose petal mash after grinding
We had a delightful circle, with 4 of the 6 gals traveling as far as 45 minutes to join us! One wore a necklace she'd made with beads filled with prayers and wishes for her son (now a teen!) She'd simple rolled petals around a toothpick! We each passed our necklace around the circle before beginning to craft the beads.

I brought fresh raspberries and strawberries (both in the rose family!) And two sun teas - one raspberry leaf with yarrow and lemon verbena from my yard, the other a ginger mango white tea. The chocolate was a delicious Honey Mamma beer which rose petals and lavender! 

I had little cups for a handful of mash (squeezing the juice back into the crockpot) we filled our cups, and chatted while rolling our beads, and had plates for the finished beads. (More details on the process here)

When we finished, we each had 1-2 dozen beads, and took then home in an egg carton or
A carton of Rose Beads
two!  Give the egg carton a shake to keep the beads from sticking, and pierce holes (likely today).  Several of us went to a favorite restaurant, and then on to a drumming circle! What a lovely way to compete the day! 

When I got home, there was about 1/2 C of liquid with bits of mash in my crockpot, so I gathered a last round of fresh petals, and added them to the pot. Then got out a couple of jars of dried roses and petals, and separated petals from the stems and other pieces. 

Grinding: I filled the hopper of my seed mill, added a sprinkle of Garam Masala and cinnamon, and whizzed several times, then dumped the powder into the top, and refilled the hopper with whole petals, tipped in the powder and ground again. I did that a couple of times, which made for a finer grind! (I'm always learning!) 

This was added to the pot, plus some more liquid, and heated (I may have left the crockpot on the warm seeing all night, oops!! Could small them in the morning - mmm!) So sometime today/this weekend I'll  grind them, then roll more beads!! I can think of worse things to do! 

Lastly, here's a sweet video one of the participants shared - I love the way this Harper/ fairy women sings while rolling the beads! I'm a Harper as well, and the pale yellowish rose at the beginning looks like my Jude the Obscure (one of the Austin roses) 

Jude the Obscure

Do you have a favorite memory/ use of summer roses?

Friday, May 10, 2019

Wonder Woman's Allies

It's sometimes challenging to wait for the Muse to announce the theme for our monthly Red Thread circle ... "Maybe?, ...ok, how about? .... Mmmm,  ...." 

We've been working with several prompts and inquiries as we journey with #wonderwoman, we ask ourselves, "who are her allies? What superpowers is she developing?" So that became the theme for Thursday's circle! As we often do for these circles, we worked on Watercolor paper and, used Inktense pencils and shimmer watercolor for "bling!"'
Items on the altar included wool cards that my great grandmother brought over on the wagon train, and rose beads I made (inspired by grandma Mary's)
Red Thread Alta
I was excited to have a newly minted Intentional Creativity teacher, Jan Jorgensen from Olympia, join us! 
Jan and Nadya
In addition tho teaching intentional Creativity, Jan is also a singer and sound healer, so we have quite a bit in common! We shared the Purple thread of leadership (and got the memo on what color to wear, hee hee!) She's also made Rose Beads! 
Jan's Ally
There are nearly a dozen of teachers in the Pacific NW, it was special to meet another. Jan moved to Olympia fairly recently, and is still in process of connecting with her tribe. My cousin Leah came again, and we had a sweet afternoon connecting with allies and a common message of relaxing into sharing our Light. 
Leah's twirling Ally

  • In what ways does your ally support you?
  • What would you like her to tell you?
  • What don't you want her to do, ever?! 
  • How does your Wonder Woman shine?
Oracles and Allies

Friday, April 26, 2019

Into the Fog

One of the scariest of our painting process with Intentional Creativity is the "risky glaze,"  where we take our painting into the fog ...

During my first class, our teacher Elizabeth handed us a  spray bottle, a big brush and transparent color (Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold), a soft cloth (piece of T-shirt) She had us lay our canvases on the floor, then demonstrated spraying the canvas, brushing on the color, and then burnishing it in, using the cloth! ... And then we went off to lunch! 

Yikes and Wow!! 

Used this way, a glaze integrates the colours we've used, and helps unify the picture. It also offers an opportunity to reflect on what is going "into the fog," what concepts are being integrated. We usually spend some time with our journals, exploring these inquiries, noticing insights, and sketching new symbols. We generally sit 5-6 get back from the canvas while writing/sketching, to gain perspective.

The first time I glazed a painting, I was indeed shaking in my boots - what was I going to loose? This painting process becomes a crazy process of "loose her, find her!" ...distinctions disappear, lights darken, colors merge ... Now it's become a favorite part of my IC explorations, and one I look forward to!
Blessing Star

After the glaze, it's time to begin to bring her back, a new round of lights, darks and mediums, a round of highlighting, of deciding whether to reemphasise symbols from the earlier ladye, or bring in new ones. Here's the story of my hummingbird that is with my Taliswoman, and has become a spirit helper for my IC classes. My WW has a Blessing Star as her ally.

It's also a time to change shapes a bit of if I need to- reposition all eye, lengthen or shorten the nose ...
Acrylics are easy to rework - you can't get this wrong!!

We generally use the Golden Fluid acrylics, delicious colors and richly pigmented, but very sheer. Like my first muse, Gabriella, Wonder Woman has a harp, and I'll use gel to bring in more dimension.

Second glaze

Wonder Woman has gone into the fog a couple of times now, (she was in a hurry, and called for a glaze before Jessica invited one!) 

We used different colors on the right and left sides of the canvas - Quin Nickel Azo Gold, and Quin Magenta, ... I added a bit of iridescent gold over parts of the hair, and burnished with my cloth. Then, I let her wanted a bit, while I explored in my journal. 

One of our inquiries is on allies and arch enemies - which super heroines balance between. What are some of those inner demons?'

We've done another round of lights and darks, bringing clarity and dimension as she reemerges from the fog. We're sitting with any new symbols, the background, and any new colors....

Wonder Woman - Stepping out of the fog

Gabriella's Harp

I love this process of exploration with intention. Here are some thoughts and images on the inquiry, "what would you tell a friend who is considering Color of Woman training," from last year's class, Color of Woman 2018.

Definition and more color

Friday, April 19, 2019

Emerging with Wonder

It is such magic to paint with friends halfway across the globe - I'm so enjoying our Wonder Woman journey with Dr Jessica Enovald-Duncan, who lives in Karlskrona, Sweden. Dr Jess and her husband own and run the Gefion Guest house. I *met* Jessica (online)'during her Color of Woman training in 2016, when she was one of the students under my wing, as their *Reader,* and I enjoy watching her blossom! 

Inktense journal process
In our Wonder Woman journey, we are identifying our Super Powers, how we access them, and also some of our weaknesses, so we can fly higher.
Some of the inquiries:

  • what needs to change?
  • What are some of my superpowers, magical tools and qualities?
  • How will I develop and access them?

Emerging in the early 1940s, Wonder Woman was a new role model for girls and women, at a time these roles and opportunities were rapidly changing. She was brave, with both strength and beauty, a natural leader, who redefined everyday qualities. The child of an Amazon and a demi-God, Wonder Woman still inspires and invites us to tap our own superpowers and our humanity.
  • She has a lasso of truth
  • Speaks all languages (how do we communicate/receive information?)
  • Magic bracelets to defend herself (how do we do this, with least harm to others?)
  • Liberation - approach each mission unencumbered by past experiences - but with the wisdom gleaned from them.
  • Theme Song to engage power
  • What to Wear Dare - what reminds me my own superpowers? 
We've been exploring our symbols of power, our allies and mission, good and "bad" angels/behaviours we want to explore, and ones which no longer serve. 

We began with string (red thread) dipped in paint, and putting nadis/ lay lines on our canvas (I love round canvases, and chose to use one for my WW.) I had my students begin this way in our Gaia class, a wonderful way to connect with the energy! 

Wonder Woman Altar in my supply wardrobe (repurposed entertainment console!)

After several under layers of paint, she begins to emerge!

Color blocking

Sketched some symbols in my journal
I love this process, and Inktense pencils are so vibrant when activated with water

Harp - theme song and healing tool
Crystalline - Stellar connection
Winged heart of compassion
Chalice of renewal
Phoenix of transformation
Winged eye of inner vision

Wonder Woman in process, with symbols
Happy Paint Party Friday & Ultimate Blog Challenge!

Friday, April 12, 2019

Class - Embracing Mama Gaia

One of my favorite themes for a workshop, especially in April when we celebrate Earth Day, is an encounter with Mama Gaia. So when my friend Margot and I began heart storming for our next class in her beautiful rural space, we quickly agreed on Embracing Mama Gaia

We began putting out invitations, and I was especially pleased that two Oregon
Linda Allen
students enrolled in this year's Color of Woman teacher training came! Both Angie and Linda have painted with me a couple of times, and decided that though they are so busy with CoW and life, that this would be a good "reset!" They also felt it was a good way to observe another teacher, as they discover their own flow. (And they loved seeing my prompt cards!) 

Margot and the other three students had painted with me before as well, so the class was easy for me! And I love seeing the paintings develop! 

The Critic and Comparison Queen peeked in, but we sent them outside to smooth out the gravel in the driveway! (One of my favorite distraction tactics!) One beloved with an active critic later shared that she'd sat with her journal and what was coming up, and was able to see more of the issue, and shift it - yes!! She's struggled with this in other workshops, so it was a powerful breakthrough! 

I appreciate Intentional Creativity classes the focus on drawing on one's own images and symbols, and on inner light, and these blessings of insights. Unlike the popular *paint and sip* parties, with most participants creating cookie cutter paintings, each of our IC images is richly unique, from colors chosen to angles, shapes and symbols. 
Each student is invited to delve a little deeper, and see what messages their process and painting carry for them. Each is fascinated by the diversity of images arising from the same (open ended) instructions! 

Embracing Mama Gaia
During our morning circle, I invited each participant to share a favorite mineral, a place in nature, and a metal. I shared about lithium and boron, Breitenbush Hot Springs, and that while I usually wear silver, gold often appears on my canvas. I was intrigued how often salt was mentioned, and the metal copper! The ocean and Mt Shasta were brought in, and the wonderful lichens hanging from Margot's trees.

When we chose our underpainting colors, I also had them then choose metallic paint - I think we all got some copper! I brought along stencils and Dylusion paint, and we used those on an early layer - ferns, leaves, raindrops, sacred geometry ... I continued with my stencil on the sides of the painting, and liked the addition of pattend.

It was a wonderful, rich and powerful weekend. 
my Gaia- in process

Several students continued with their paintings after they were home, and the results are stunning. Mine is in process as well, with stars and symbols beginning to appear. I like the sheen of Micaceous Iron Oxide (Hemetite!) in her hair, and the salmon beginning to emerge. 
Others were content after they finished Saturday, and already knew where their lady would reside. 

What's on your canvas or appearing in your notebook?

Happy Paint Party Friday

Friday, March 22, 2019

Wonder Woman

My friend Dr Jess is offering a wonderful online adventure which begins today, an encounter and painting adventure with our own internal Wonder Woman

Jess lives and teaches in Sweden, so this is a rare opportunity to tap her unique perspective and guidance! I'm excited to be with others from around the world on this journey, ... Discovering more of my own super powers. HereHe her video invitation
Celebrating super powers!

My daughter and son-in law love and are inspired by the stories of super hero's, and my daughter created a Wonder Woman costume  (for herself!) one Halloween. 

What are some of your super powers? 

Happy Paint Party Friday!