Thursday, October 20, 2016


Last week I attended a lovely organ concert as part of the 150th anniversary celebrations at our church. We have a marvelous pipe organ, and it was a treat to hear it in all its glory. During the concert, I found myself sketching on the program, something I've done since childhood (the best are those with lots of empty space!) 

PRISM in transition
A new "download" for PRISM was the result, and this week I brought some of that to the canvas. I've been enjoying watching the Wildheart Entrepreneurial series with host Shereen Sun (just begun, and free!!) I loved the first interviews with SARK and Dr. John Mills!!
Stirring their delightful interview, she identified the triad we deal with in varying degrees:

  • Inner feelings
  • Inner Critic
  • Inner Wise one (Musé) 
PRISMatic Light Emerging
SARK suggests we identify and acknowledge our feelings when they arise, which can help us return to center more quickly than if we try to surpass them. Simply saying, "I see you, I hear you, I acknowledge you," invites softening and relief.
For the Inner Critic, she suggests reassignment. She called hers Scarcity Girl for some time, (critic did NOT like that!) 
So shifted to targeting to  Miss Preserver of Resources. Since California has been dealing with drought, SARK have Miss P. a new job assignment, to work for the State of California Water Bureau, and help out! If Miss P. pays SARK a visit, she is gently reminded of her (much!) more important job!! 
And of course we engage the wise Musé when we engage our creativity!

What's on your creative table this week? I'm continuing to play on the PRISMatic light, and prepare foot my weekend Playshop, Return to Innocence.

Happy blog challenge and PPF!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

PRISMatic leadership

For the last several weeks, I've been engaged on a quest, utilizing the interface between quantum physics & intentional creativity to design and fuel leadership projects! This leadership lab with Shiloh Sophia & Jonathan Lewis is called PRISM, after the physical prism, which utilizes the angle of refraction, which "bends" white light into the visible short-term (colors of the rainbow). 

That angle is 42 Degrees, which is also: 'The Answer to the Great Question.... Of Life, the Universe and Everything... Is ... Forty-two,' said (the computer) Deep Thought, with infinite majesty and calm.' 
- Douglas Adams, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Gallexy
PRISM beginnings
We've been working with colors, assigning properties to each (from several systems including chakras), with concepts associated with spirals in nature, in our solar system, on our galaxy and with inquiry, examining old paradigms and dominant World views. We generally operate out of these familiar frames, unless we get them conscious, and make a shift! 
So much of our work in Intentional Creativity is about just this bringing old stories conscious, and using creativity to make shifts; "changing stories, changing lives! Over the next several weeks, I'll continue this exploration, painting and writing, both on my canvas, and in a watercolor project book.
PrRISMatic Greens
What are you called to cause and create? What old stories have you been bringing to candidates? Are they ready to be composted?

~ Sharing as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge ~

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Into the Dark

On the weekend, my friend Sepha offered her two day workshop at a farmhouse retreat, what a wonderful way to spend a rainy weekend! We met the night before in the Wine Bar next to the studio for community, then moved into the studio for a little red Thread project.  
Saturday we went out to the refurbished turn-of the century farmhouse and set up for the weekend adventures. We brought soup and salad, tea and wine, and of course chocolate! 
Paint stations

Sepha's theme was Baba Yaga, "Fall is traditionally a time we look within. Sometimes we confront that shadow side, your Wild Woman. Learn how to embrace that dark place inside and use her teachings to open a new door in your conscious."

  • What are some of the dark places coming forward for healing?
  • What do you release to compost?
  • What joys does this slow season bring?
  • What gifts does your wise woman offer for your medicine Basket?
  • What seeds are you saving, to plant in the spring?
  • What treasures keep you cozy and warm?
My lady, "For a Breath I Tarry" (title from the poem by A.E. Hausman) WIP.

For a Breath I Tarry 


Saturday, September 24, 2016

First and Latest

Recently, Maestra Shiloh Sophia issued a challenge to post pictures of the first painting we did using Intentional Creativity and the latest! I had just taken a workshop with one of the current Color of Woman teachers-in-training Tina Gain, and painted a sweet lady during her two day offering, "Caregiver, Heal Thyself!"

This seems a perfect time to reflect on that first class, Dec 2014, when I painted my "Musé of Creativity" in a similar maiden voyage class offered by my friend Elisabeth Freise-Mick
Gabriella, end of workshop
       At the end of class, (just one day!) She was still rather raw, and I later spent done time developing her, adding her ribbons and details on her harp. 
       Elisabeth tried to get me to leave Gabriella "as is," as reference point for later work, but as an Artist, she felt unfinished! I have had students want to see early work in the method, and now I see the value of keeping some ladies in a less finished state.

Star Song emerged out of the cosmos, during Tina's 10 hour workshop  weekend  (And yes, I'm still working on her!) I loved learning a new way of doing stars, and the appearance of her Dragon companion. I love the focus and depth of Intentional Creativity!
Star Song - 2016


Saturday, August 27, 2016

Changing stories, changing lives

Do you feel the call to explore who you are, and share your unique gifts? Imagine gathering with a tribe of women who seek access to their own internal guidance system through creativity. Intentional Creativity is a process incorporating journaling, visualization and painting to develop deeper self awareness. In communities around the world, women gather with others to share these teachings and insights, joy, laughter, tears, and self discovery.

Hearts and Dragons
What stories run your life? What story is burning to be told? As we connect with our Musé, our creativity lights up, and the stories begin to align with our true essence. The voice of the Critic recedes into the background, and some of the things we always thought were true are seen as whispers and myths. 

When asked if they are creative, 95% of young children say 'YES!' ... by middle school, that's dropped to about half, and by late teens, only about 5% see themselves as creative! What changes? 

Sometimes it's a thoughtless comment or criticism, or a comparison with someone more 'talented.' In reality, Creativity is a birthright of all humans! In Intentional Creativity, the process is more valued than the 'product,' though chances are you - yes YOU - can create something that brings you and those around you pleasure and joy, and looks good to boot! And like any other 'muscle,' the more we create, the more skillful we become. 

And ... then there's the intention!!

Our friend and fellow teacher, Bejeweled Baroness Elizabeth Gibbons writes, "By creating with intention, we create a cosmic portal, a quantum field where we can explore our potential and possibilities. We shine the divine light of our higher self into the darkness of our shadow self. We are able to heal and integrate all aspects of our psyche and to access a miracle field, the space between the thoughts where our divine spark lives."

Intentional Creativity exercise: Take a few deep breaths, and ask yourself 'what am I passionate about?' What upsets me - what brings me joy? Take out a pen and begin writing ... you can use a simple composition book, or fancier art journal - or .... write. Write what comes to mind. Write fast & all over the page - cross your word with others, change colors .... 
Take several minutes with this process, then write a simple prompt or prayer - asking for information on the exploration, 'show me... help me ... guide me ... give me insights' 

The next step is to smear gesso or paint over the page. I like to mix in a couple of colors - perhaps just putting dabs on the page, and spread with a junk 'credit card' (save those from your junk mail!) If the paper's thin, you may want to glue a couple of pages together. 
Let the gesso or paint dry, then begin to doodle with oil pastels or paint on the paper ... play with the texture of the paper. You may want to trace your hand, or draw circles and sprials. Just play with the paper, & let the feelings transform. 

FireKeeper, Owl Woman

Welcome to the Creative Heart! The collective will embrace, applaud, and celebrate you and the unique gifts you bring to share. We delve deep and shapeshift with laughter, connection, and joy (blessed with glitter, and a bit of dark chocolate!)

Friday, July 22, 2016

Journey with the Woman who Journied

Today is the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene, 'the most sought after female messenger of the last 2000 years.' My teacher Shiloh Sophia will be joined by her guest Kayleen Asbo for a day of ritual, story & painting, followed by a 22 day novena with chants, rituals & prayers. Not able to join today? You can still register for the class, & paint when you're able. 

One Magdalene devotee writes, "Mary TRAVELLED! She didn't just sit around in one
Mary of Magdala
place, there are stories throughout Southern France, Languodoc & Provance, of her journies, her presence, the sacred objects she carried & her teachings."
Of all the disciples, she is likely to have continued her ministry the longest, over 30 years! 

Mary's gospel was rediscovered in the last century, & is finally available in print. Her main message? Peace & loving kindness! She was well educated, & is likely to have helped fund Jesus' ministry.
Through our art and stories, Mary is still on her healing journey - Is she calling you?  

Mary is called the 'Apostle to the Apostles,' & was the first to share Jesus' message with the other disciples. This year, Pope Francis declared her day an official feast day, and the role of women in the early days of the church is being recognized more frequently. 

I first painted Mary with Shiloh in 2014, & my friend Lora is offering online-support for this class.  I've written several posts on Mary of Magdala, beginning with that first online class, & the most recent, in March of this year. (you can find all the links by clicking on 'Mary Magdalene in the sidebar) 

My current 'Work in Process' is Diva-X, uncoiling! It will be fun to see how she evolves - I've reclaimed a $7.50 canvas from Goodwill, that's 26 x 60" !! It was covered with paper collage, so I began with a layer of gesso - white over the pale areas, & black with some gold acrylic mixed in over the darker central panel. 
And I was at the Fairgrounds with my son & middle grandkids this week, watching their 4-H events; with sketchbook in hand for some 'doodles' ... fun inviting my 10 year old grandson's contribution.

Posting to Paint Party Friday - happy painting!  

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Creating With Intention

For several years, I have been using Intentional Creativity to "change stories and change lives," both my own and assisting others as they change theirs. I have shared a number of these adventures on this blog. The question often arises, "What is Intentional Creativity?"

My teacher Shiloh Sophia says, "We are a tribe of creative beings causing our own movement in art and
Dancing Between the Worlds
image created with intention. I have worked in this creative technology for close to twenty years and thousands of women have participated in this work through making their own images and stories. A gathering is happening….the image of the feminine is changing in our own hands. A movement can happen when a quantum mass of people begin to gather and create around a specific theme or intention." 

So how do we go about this quantum field process? 

Shiloh, "I believe that story lives in image inside of our memory banks. So when we experience trauma or beauty, it ‘lives’ there and can be replayed by us by choice, and also not by choice. The ways memories rise for us is often out of control and we form negative thought patterns around these loops, which over time get even more ingrained in US." .... By bringing these stories to consciousness, through a process including inquiry, journaling and art, "We can change how our stories live in us. That is what intentional creating is about – first we get the story conscious and then we ‘move’ how it lives in us. To do this we need to change our relationship to the story physically, spiritually and through ‘form’."

That process of giving the new story physical form can allow us to have breakthroughs without breakdowns. through creativity, the old stories lose their hold, the pattern shifts, change occurs, healing occurs. "Connecting your intention, is like finding a clear signal on a radio that is tuned to a specific frequency that opens channels to the subconscious and unconscious that we are ready to deal with. The layers of consciousness then yield up into the creative process that which needs to be worked with next. Layer by layer new space is created. Once the story is transferred to canvas it lives inside of us differently – the way it used to operate is now dis-lodged and we can consciously choose what to do to work with the space we have now cleared up inside of our internal story pattern."

Now, we can consciously choose what to do to work with the new space created. And the shifts may be quantum! 
One of my "old stories" has been about belonging, about tribe. An only child, I sometimes flounder when figuring out where I belong, if I belong. I've been "voted out" of a woman's group, and have moved away from other loved and loving communities. Part of my healing has been learning to listen more deeply to others' stories of loss, of learning to invite and to create heart home for the new tribe that is forming. To follow hummingbird, seeking to discover the beauty in others, and to match their pace. And to recognize the ebb and flow of friendships, to detach from places I feel unseen as I become more visible. 

I invite you to view one of your old stories, what new space are you creating, as you loosen its hold? 

Happy Paint Party Friday and Express your Creativity