Saturday, January 13, 2018

We are Legendary

For the past 10 years, Maestra Shiloh Sophia and her sidekicks Jena and Stella Mac have led a group of amazing women on a journey to discover their own Legend, and discoverong what it means to lead Legendary Lives. This course is the prerequisite for the annual Color of Woman teacher quest'
Several local RT SiStars are enrolled with over 115 others in this year's Legend. One will be going on to CoW 2018, and another is enrolled in the new Red Thread Guide course. In March, we'll host an open studio for them to paint together!

When I registered for Legend in 2015, I intended to do CoW sometime later,... But then Shiiloh opened a few more slots, and (gulp!) I was on the quest! Each year, a new group of women journal and paint their way out of old stories, and discover new pathways. We vision our symbols, and see where they fit, support each other through laughter and tears, and embracing new ah-has.

Color and shapes from earlier layers peek through, each building on the last, as our lives build on the stories of our families, and herstory, we sift through for those which inform our choices. What are we building on? Where is the foundation solid? Where does it require digging out and shoring up?

When I embarked on my Legendary journey, I gathered flower essences for a bouquet of support: Lady's Slipper Orchid for stepping out in joy, Star of Bethlehem for lighting the pathway, ... Symbols came, a dragon, dancing maid, a key in the heart of the labyrinth ...and my legend, Shande'nea Star Gate was birthed. (Read a bout her symbols and the journey here)

Shande'nea Star Gate

How can you doubt your Soul Purpose?
You were born for this!
You hold a gift, a treasure, 
a King's ransome that is such a blessing for your companions

Arise and Shine!
Do not worry, consider the liles of the field - you are blessed beyond measure
It is time for you to SHARE those blessings
The time you spend in Circle hones you for the Next Steps

Will you step through the gateway?
The dragons know the way, and hold the keys
Open your eyes and ears: see and hear
Make way for the Messages to flow
To glow and mark the spiral path

Breath with new breath
The sweetness of the journey
As you Dance Through the Stargate

Last year I participated in the journey in paint and story, holding space for the exploration. As our sistars embark on Legend 2018, my classmate Kendall Scott has assembled Legends from the SiStarhood for a Legendary SlideShow. Shande'nea is there with many others, gateways to our personal Legendary Lives!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Wisdom's Table

I'm so very honoured my Snow Queen post was chosen for this week's featured blog over at Paint Party Friday!  Our Winter Showcase opening was well attended and so fun, I especially love visiting with the other artists! I'd spent the night with galfriends in nearby Portland, so was glad to return in time for our reception. My Snow Quien is in the wall to the left of the doorway.
In the Gallery

As the year winds down, I'm finishing my Red Madonna Sacred Path painting, which has been a year long pilgrimage. I need to add gilt, gold and silver, and a bit more attention to these ladies and the world tree.
Pilgrimage of the Divine
My red thread SiStars and I are clearing our altars, preparing to join the feast laid at Wisdom's Table! This journey will take us two years, to 2020, and features several Magdalen and mother Mary scholars, joining Shiloh Sophia and her wonderful team. We share poetry, stories, laughter and tears, and receive teachings from the Hebrew and Christian traditions, (and others, as women share from their own paths) Painting instruction comes on the full moons, and we share a monthly call and beautiful meditation. 

As we prepare for the coming season, here is one of my very favorite poems! 
Blessings and love

AE  Housman (1859-1936)
A Shropshire Lad (1896)
From far, from eve and Morning 

From far, from eve and Morning
From yon twelve-winded sky,
The stuff of life to knit me 
Blew hither, here am I.

Now for a breath i tarry
Nor yet disperse apart--
Take my hand quick and tell me,
What have you in your heart.

Speak now, and I will answer;
How shall I help you, say;
Ere to the winds twelve quarters
I take my endless way.

HâPpŸ Paint Party Friday!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Holiday showcase, Snow Queen

T'is the busy holiday season, in the USA, we've shared the gratitude of Thanksgiving, and are quickly approaching Solstice, Hanukkah and Christmas, turning of the wheel toward the New Year, 2018! What a year it has been, natural disasters and those caused by humans abound, as does mulch Grace and joy. 

The gallery where I exhibit my paintings is hosting a holiday showcase of the represented
Muse of Creative Fire

artists, and I have been competing a painting which began as the demo for last summer's Muse of Creative Fire class. I have been intrigued with round canvases, so choose one for that class. 

We had a lovely group of five students at an art Center about two hours away, and spent the day bringing our Muses into the canvas. Like many of my demo paintings, she has been waiting for the next step for awhile, then began whispering. Two of my granddaughters are rehearsing for our basket studio's annual Nutcracker, which gave the inspiration for the transformation from summer muse to Snow Queen! 

The color theme shifted from the reds of summer to winery blues and silver. I darkened her background, and used plastic wrap in the wet paint for patterns, as I brought new life into her havue and halo. Both silver and interference play in the highlights, and I got silver leaf for her crown and earrings. I'm am pleased with the transformation, she's ready for the holiday show.

Snow Queen
What transformations does this turn of the wheel bring you? What treasures are nestled beneath the snow? 

Posting to Paint Party Friday

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Color of Woman - Priority Enrolment

This weekend I'll be teaching "Musé of Harvest" at my friends Margot's, my third class in her space. We have 9 enrolled, and a tenth would like to come, awesome! But, can we fit one more?? (It's a garage studio, and we had 5 for our last class!) 

It is wonderful to see the interest in this mindful art practice, and I appreciate energy
RaSani Spiral
opportunity to extend the Red Thread. This fall I participated in the RaSani Body Mind Spirit fair, where Margot advertised our first class last fall, and invited fair goers to add a leaf with a prayer to a Sun spiral at my booth. 

In this weekend's class, we'll explore what we wish to harvest from this year, what's going on the "compost," and seeds we want to save for the future. We'll share the Red Thread, and contemplate what "our piece" is. We will journal and paint, and at the end of the day, each person will have a unique painting, encoded with symbols and their own process.

Last week, the Color of Woman class of 2017 gathered virtually and in person for a completion ceremony! With the California fires, we decided to reschedule the actual graduation gathering in January (Cosmic Cowgirls Ranch in Sonoma weathered the fires, but the area was still smoky and travel was challenging!) 

Nadya with Shiloh Sophia
While my SiStars in the Guild and I offer individual sessions, classes and workshops around the world, Shiloh is busy interviewing students for next year's Color of Woman teacher training, a nine month quest! 

This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who loves inquiry and creativity, and is interested in sharing those with others, as a way to process experiences. There's a free class Wed Nov 8, Consciousness and the Musé. This will include both an IC (intentional creativity) process, and more information on the training. (You can view live, or watch later) 
Women will be gathering from around the globe, the training can be done entirely online, and there are "in person" options in several areas for the painting segments. My roommate at graduation was from France, others had arrived from NZ, Canada and around the USA. 

If you're already familiar with Shiloh's work and teaching, through my blog and/or participating in her offerings, you may be ready to apply, and schedule your 1:1 interview with Maestra Shiloh!! Are you shaking in your boots at the thought?? Good!! 

With Priority enrollment, there is a significant savings on tuition, and the 2018 class is
Serena of the 7 Seas
already half full. (There are several love loans available, for those who need to make payments! I was blessed to receive one for my own training)

This is such an amazing experience! 
I did my CoW quest in 2015, ... I didn't intend to sign up, though I watched the invitational video, I didn't think I was quite ready... 
I registered to paint my Legendary Self (the prerequisite) ... and then, Shiloh opened registration got a few more students!! Dang! ... ok, I'll apply, 
... when I had my interview with Shiloh, she was in the car, with her husband Jonathan behind the wheel, and we don't lose signal in the tunnel!! ... and it was a strong "yes!!" for both of us. Who knew? 
I offered my first classes within the first couple of months, both Red Thread Reiki, and a Mystical Mermaid class with my friend, IC teacher Lora, ... I was on my way! 

Is Color of Woman your next step?? You're invited to consider the possibility! 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Sunshine Award

The Sunshine Award is an award given to bloggers by other bloggers. It is awarded to writers who are creative, inspiring and bring joy (sunshine!) Into the world! Dia's Creation Station was nominated by Wendy Fairy Art; thank you, Wendy! 

Once nominated, the blogger is requested to wrote a post which includes: thanking the person who nominated them with a link back to their blog, answer the 11 questions, nominate and notify 11 other bloggers who inspire and bring joy and Sunshine, write 11 new questions for them to answer, ...

Let's begin

How frequently do you lifeplan, and what does this look like for you?
Goodness, I don't know that I do! Well, more in little ways than BIG, ...I did a lovely vision planbook for color of Woman a couple of years ago, and am making another one soon. I make lists and plot out monthly overviews at times.... at others, fly by the seat of my pants! 
Vision plan book

How do you keep yourself on track and accountable when you need to?
Lists and those monthly goal pages... (I don't always stay on track, and tire of adulting!)

Where and when do you do most of your writing?
I've kept a journal since I was a pre-teen, and usually have a blank book around for that. I love composition books, and have several themed Smashbook and at journals going, ... I write about creativity and take voluminous notes in those. I write my blog posts on a kindle, and love to "swipe" rather than type! (Though auto correct has its way with my words!) I write anytime, journal most mornings, blog, often in the evening.

What or who truly inspires you the most? 
I'm inspired by Maestra Shiloh Sophia, she has truly influenced thousand of women within our Art community and beyond, and done much to bring Back our awareness of the divine feminine. Ram Dass is a wonderful spiritual way shower, and great man not overly impressed with himself! 
I love reading, all sorts of fantasy and fiction, especially with strong female characters, books on feng shui, my We'Moon calendar, channeled and other inspirational books. I'm entranced by Stars, rivers, mountains, the ocean and the natural beauty of our blue green planet. 

What advice would you give now to your fifteen year old self?
Don't take life too seriously, and don't sweat the small stuff! Heritage Is Important, and Indian sand painting and basket weaving are beautiful intentional practices! (Not a "waste of time" to study!) Keep creating, and keep smiling!

Where in the world feels like home to you?
Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, the mountains/Breitenbush Hot Springs. I'm playing for the forests of the West, in this season of fires, and especially my beloved Breitenbush. May the rains come soon! 

Where would you like to live, no limits? (not necessarily the above)
A cozy house on a lake with lots of Windows and boho style and a serene studio with great light for painting.... a houseboat! A tiny house, caravan, or mountain chalet, an octagon house (I loved in one for a year at Breitenbush) or wooden yurt.

What are your most important personal belongings and why? 
Good Medicine
Mmm, some precious books and journals, my harps, (3) and music, my paintings and art supplies, red Thread, my electronics (kindle), crystals, handthrown pottery cups and bowls, wooden spoons, Oracle decks. Essential oils, flower essences. I like pretty things, most essential are my "Tools" for balance and harmony. 

Do you think your physical "stuff" can hold you back?  - Why (or why not)?
Ah, living in this western society, I have way bunches of "more stuff" than I need, and there's a certain "weight" to knowing that! I'm better at weeding stuff out than actually getting it out, lol! And being a "boomer" a bunch of that is paper, other is inherited.... Like many, I am working on pruning, and I love the concepts of feng shui. But I'm a creative, and love having lots of supplies! 

Name one thing that if you did, would change your life for the better: 
Being More organized with my paper flow and those responsibilities, sigh. This is a subset of a lean toward procrastination in general.

Which of these was the hardest question to answer and why?
#2 ... what's "on track?"

Coming soon...
Part 2 - my nominees and the 11 questions ...

Ooo, and I want to invite YOU to the Nurturing Soul Spa my friend Heidi Sequoia Moondancer is offering! 

It's a FREE online event, from Sept 18-30, so sign up now! I'm one of two dozen guest teachers from around the globe, offering sessions in movement, breath, visualization, and other exercises to spark your creativity and recharge your spirit! 
We'll begin with a Red Thread Circle for quantum connection, led by Maestra Shiloh Sophia. My offering is Qigong and Qi Massage! I'd love you to join us! 

And thanks again for the Sunshine Award nomination, Wendy

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Featured Artist

About a year ago, during our annual Art Harvest Studio Tour, I was introduced to the owners of the Gallery at Ten Oaks, by one of the artists they represent. I asked if they were accepting art from New artists, and they said, "Yes! We'd love to see your work!" 

My friend Sepha and I went together a couple of months later, with 5 pieces each, and they were delighted to show our intuitive, mindful art! They spotlight one artists work each month and already had a full schedule; so asked if we would have a combined show, as their Featured Artists in September! 
5 of My ladies are on the left

We were in the path of totality for the eclipse, and a couple of the pieces for the show include the moon and Sun's corona. I revisited my Queen of Your own Heart, "She Sees By Starlight" and had to paint a little Dragon! I think my Red Madonna Dragon will hold the eclipsed  sun as well.

It was fun to look back, and see paintings I had for my first Featured Artist show, M Musings, back in 2014 at Walnut City Wineworks, before entering the CoW teacher training! 

Eclipse from Central Oregon, © Ken Strode
My painting Sekhmet hung there for the next year, and is in this show as well. 
I have several classes on the schedule for September, Red Thread Reiki 1, and a Musé Day offering, Musé of Equilibrium, exploring themes of harvest, compost, and cycles.

* are you too far away to visit the Gallery? Enjoy this 1/2 hour YouTube clip where I share my harp and art on our local cable channel, with host Howie Harkema!! 

Blessings as you move into fall, and happy Paint Party Friday! (Head over to the blog roll, and add your post to the list!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Tenderness Moon

Each month/Moon in our Red Madonna Sacred Path Journey, there is an inquiry and process, this month's focus is "Tenderness." 

Shiloh invites us to consider, "Where in my life am I seeking tenderness?" And, "where have I experienced tenderness?"

We've spoken of nurturing hands, having our foreheads stroked, holding hands with a
Moon of Divine Connection
mother,a daughter. I remember once, sobbing on my bed after being rejected by my boyfriend, and my often-gruff dad coming in, sitting beside me, saying he wished he could fix it/make it better! Tenderness! 

Our Lady moon we explored connecting with the divine presence, and spent timeless time making strokes and patterns of light on our ladies' mantles. We contemplated our own sense of "divinity," articulating beliefs.

In this moon of Tenderness, what tender moments do you remember? Where can you be more tender with yourself?

Here are my ladies, with tender strokes of light and biphotons. I glazed their mantles (Renaissance Reed and Violet), and brought light to the Dragon and Phoenix.

Linking to Paint Party Friday and sharing on the Red Madonna.