Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wisdom from the Council

Last summer (2014) Jeanette I met in an on-line painting course and wrote notes back & forth as we painted & processed. In early summer, she set all her paintings around, got out her drum & 'called a council' for insights & information. I loved that, & on Summer Solstice, called my own 'council of ladies.'

Times that I wrestle with 'what's next,' Jeanette will gently quire 'have you asked your ladies?' ... um ... not yet ....

So just before my phone interview with Shiloh, determining my entry into the Color of Woman Teacher Training, I 'called council' with the paintings at home, including my (then) 'In
Shande'nea & Dragon
Process' Legend, Shande'nea, & this was the message they gave:

"How can you doubt your Soul Purpose
You were born for this!
You hold a gift, a treasure, a King's ransom that is such a (blessing/gift/treasure) for your community!

Arise & shine!
Do not worry, consider the lilies of the field - you are blessed beyond measure!
It is up to you to SHARE those blessings -
the time you spend in circle (hones/ blesses/ prepares) you and those with whom you journey for the Next Steps!

Will you step through the gateway? the Dragons know the way & hold the keys!
Open your eyes - ears - Heart
Breathe the New Breath
as you dance through the doorway
Yes! Yes! YES!!

**** We held the interview, both Shiloh & I said "YES!!" and in April the training commenced. ****
Recently, one of the Art Doctors commented on this post, "I am very interested in this idea of 'Calling a Council with The Ladies'. How wonderful to consider this as a way to journey as a group into inquiry for insight and information."

It is, indeed, a great way to tap our own insight & inspiration, and information!
Happy Paint Party Friday!


sirkkis said...

Gorgeous painting and interesting information.
Happy PPF ♥

Neesie said...

An exquisite piece of art Nadya,
I could look at it for hours... so much detail and so delicate.
Happy PPF to you

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love all the fascinating details and your use of color in this piece. The process you described sounds fascinating too. Happy PPF! #45

Dia said...

Thank you, Sirkkis!
It is an interesting way to access info.
I loved visiting your blog!

Dia said...

Thank you, Nessie!
She Is the Gateway piece for the training, I loved doing her!

Dia said...

Thank you, Arnoldo!
Ahh, the rich Colours of Golden fluid acrylics!

Fran said...

Very inspiring. Beautiful.

Jo said...

OH, this is gorgeous!!

Dia said...

Thank you, Fran & Jo!!

Giggles said...

Beautiful painting!

Hugs Giggles