Friday, August 7, 2015

Art Walk and Artist Statement

I was pleased to be invited to hang my art for the First Friday Art Walk in nearby Newberg, in a newly opened branch of a waterbirth center, Andaluz! Several of my grand-darlings were born with the assistance of our wonderful midwives, and I've done massage for new moms, so this is a treat!
Love's Alchemy - 2014
We hung 2 of my paintings in the front windows, & 6 on the walls. 

& then I realized I really need an Artist Statement, to accompany the beauties ... so here goes 

Art is a way for me to connect with the Divine Feminine, both on canas & within myself.  For many years, feminine images have been 'sacred' or secular,' and often idealized.  
How do we bridge the two? How do we connect with the strong, wild, sacred AND secular feminine within? Art is a way to explore these connections.
I often begin with an intention written on the canvas - what do I wish to explore? A brief visioning brings colours, form and symbols. Three colours are chosen like an oracle for simple strokes which become base wash, (sometimes for past, present and future)  Symbols I often use include: 
flaming heart - inner flame
Winged Eye - intuitive vision
Chalice - possibilities, abundance, the fountain of life
Dove - peace
Roses / Rohan (mountain ash) earth,
Red Thread - connection to the beloveds, the community

I love the shimmer of mica infused medium (or interference paint), the sparkle of glitter! These may sneak in, late in the painting during adornment. 
Each painting becomes a journey, a process, an opportunity for seeing old patterns, for recognizing the stories that have been running our lives, & for breaking free of those which no longer serve. A painting may also be a blessing, a gift, for those with similar stories, as they break away from their old patterns! 
My work is based in "Intentional Creativity as taught by Sue Hoya Sellers & Shiloh Sophia McCloud Lewis.  I am currently enrolled in Shiloh Sophia's 'Color of Woman' Teacher training, & will graduate this fall. 
May my paintings be blessings for all who see them!
O Sada; it is good!


Wanda said...

Congratulations on having your Art displayed at the Water Birthing Center. How nice that others can enjoy your unique passion and paintings, and your statement of faith and practice.

Dia said...

Thank you, Wanda! It was a sweet.opening, and they have space for me tho offer art classes! Thank you for visiting!

Cathleen Charissage said...

Great Artist Statement!

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What a beautiful painting and such a wonderful place for your art to hang. Your art has such wonderful depth.

mandysea said...

How absolutely wonderful! Congratulations... I cant think of a better painting deserving - its perfect!

JKW said...

Congrats. . .it is wonderful that someone else enjoys your art enough to want to display it their world. Blessings, Janet PPF

Dia said...

Thank You!

Dia said...

Thank you, Lisa!
It is a BéÂüTïFüL venue!

Dia said...

Thank you for your kind words, Mandy!
It was sweet of my daughter and her hubby to lend this piece for the show.

Dia said...

It is, Janet!
It was fun to be invited to share them!