Friday, March 11, 2016

Color of Dreams

Certificates and cards with Queen
I am a Color of Woman Teacher and Intentional Creativity Coach!! My certificates and the Mother Mary Oracle card that Shiloh pulled for each one of us came last week, & I'm still a bit in Awe.  I. Did. this!  WE did this - our wonderful tribe of Color of Women students and the teachers who supported us on the journey! A dream made manifest.

Today Shiloh and her beloved husband Jonathan are on their way to New York, & the UN Commission on the Status of Women, CSW60 conference. The theme this year  is Women’s Empowerment and its link to sustainable development. With the Establisment of the NGO Intentional Creativity Foundation, Shiloh and other artists and dreamers are designing and taking part in two panel discussions. The second will feature footage from the Color of Woman teachers around the world, engaged in creativity & empowering women in their communities!

The website also includes profiles of Intentional Creativity teachers around the world! You can click on the map, or type in your area to connect with someone in your area. Several also offer online classes. Here's mine!! If you've found my art or words inspiring, I invite you to write a brief review on my page.

Denise & Sepha's Story Cards
At the beginning of March my friend Sepha, who is enrolled in CoW 2016 & I hosted the first of our Monthly Red Thread Circles, in the Back Door Studio of the Co-op Art Gallery. We had a simple card making project, fun, laughter, tea & chocolate!  Our next Circle will be Thursday April 7.

This weekend we will be painting our Winged One, to help give our dreams Wings! 

Winged Ones take flight
Butterfly, birds, soaring dragon
giving wings to Dreams

Here are a few inquiries to take to your Journal - & see what Wings come!

* are your wings clipped?

* do you find it hard to focus, with too many dreams & ideas?

* do you find yourself helping others fulfil their dreams, and neglecting your own?

* Does your timing seem 'off'?

* Do you spend more time on things that distract you from your TRUE dreams and values?

In Winged one, we will identify a few dreams for focus

Journey, journal and paint to find symbols & movement

Happy Fifth Birthday, Paint Party Friday !!

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Cozydoodle said...

Really lovely! Happy PPF! Have a lovely weekend!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Wonderful post and art. Have a great weekend.