Monday, June 22, 2015

What's in YOUR Medicine Basket?

In our Color of Woman teacher training, we are constantly weaving between doing our own work, & learning how to share offerings with our community, with our Beloveds. The First Red Thread session was making our Soulful Story Affirmation cards. 

Next up:"This Livestream was recorded during the 2014 Color of Woman and provides two additional themes - "Creating Your Medicine Basket" & "House of the Heart" - which you can use as the themes for your own Red Thread Session Events."

I really enjoyed watching the videos, & crafting my Medicine Basket,  .... I'm still getting the hang of working on watercolor paper again, (have done some off & on over the years) & of course, love the 'adornment' phase (glitter!!  Shimmery paint, spirals, red threads ...
 Some of the inquiries for the phrases in our baskets are:
  • What will you be known for? 
  • What Healing tools & remedies do you offer? 
  • Who will come to your Red Thread Sessions? 
  • What is in your medicine basket?
Shiloh affirms regularly that we need to attend to the questions & issues OUR clients, our beloveds come to us for assisting in bringing conscious, & possibly transforming, & to adapt the classes accordingly. 
We used glazing liquid or varnish mixed with a dab of paint to coat & affix the slips of paper, and an overlighting phrase that defines our role "I AM a catalyst for transforming the old stories into New Magic!" The last step was placing a symbol in the space between the basket & the handle. I chose a harp & heart ... and then adornment, glitter! Shimmer, sparkle, shine ....
I am a catalyst for transforming the old stories ....

With my harp in the basket, I'm reminded of a sail boat, & think of being carried by, as 
well as carrying my basket!

Shiloh's did a bit of 'show & tell,' sharing a  selection of paintings from previous Red Thread sessions.

With House of the Heart, I could picture working with youth (including my 16 year old foster (soon-to-be-adopted) granddaughter, who lived in 9 different foster homes over the 9 years before she came to us!!)

There is, indeed, a power in these shorter, 'simple' workshops that transcends space & time!

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