Friday, March 30, 2018

Muse and Oracle

I've always loved cards - once my daughter asked how many decks I needed ...(angels, fairies, several Earth based tarot decks) ... well .. (ok, I have a bunch!!)

Early my Color of Woman training, we made our first set of 'story cards,' identifying the 'poison' of old stories, and discovering the antidote! My IC friend and Vision Keeper Isha recently challenged me to photograph 20 of my ladies, and create an Oracle deck (and sent me a link for having one set printed for about $20!) 

With spring break this week, my middle granddaughter and I have making affirmation and other cards, and doing art other projects. Always fun
IC Cue Cards .

Last weekend, two dozen of the 2018 class met in Sonoma to paint their Muses, while the the rest of the students, and many of the Guild members, painted along with the Livestream. My cohort Sepha and I were asked to film a little video for our colleagues on creating a teaching deck with prompts for each step. Fun finding flow with that!

For my lady, I pulled out the Muse I began two years ago, when Sepha was in Color of Woman. I offered online support for that event, and just never finished my painting! Last year, I brought her our for another online class, so her first layers were in place. (I'm painting her in the photo at the top of this page)

In Her Own Time, WIP
I'm offering support to students on Muse Time, those taking longer than 9 months to complete their CoW teacher training, and she seems the PERFECT Muse to aide me in supporting them! I'm excited to see who's ready to take the next steps, and move toward commencement. 
Over the last few years, I've informally supported a couple as they neared the finish line, and know how helpful a little encouragement can be. I tend to push live-lines myself, and got my own Initiate book off just before midnight that last day!! 

This weekend, Shiloh and her husband Jonathan roll out their latest class, Apothecary; on discovering your own medicine through creativity. Like the Story Cards, identifying the old wounds and poisons helps us discover antidotes. Jonathan was a military EMT, and fittings healing from PTSD through writing poetry and cooking! He'll emerge from behind the curtain (camera) to share some of his story. 

In April, my classmate Grace from Denmark is rolling out her new class online, Stella Polaris, Muse of the North! I am so excited to paint with her - one of my early online journeys was with our AU SiStar, Jassy Watson. I cherish the Good Medicine of these oportunities! 

My own next offering is a invitation to women in the Pacific NW paint a portal to connect with Gaia, as your portal to connecting with Mama Earth. This is a wonderful way to celebrate Earth Day weekend! (this one's In person, stay tuned for online offerings!) 
Cosmos and Codes

Blessings on this Full Moon and Holi season, and HåPpÝ Paint Party Friday!


sirkkis said...

Your woman painting is really wonderful.
It is magical and inspiring.
Happy PPF and Easter holidays 💗

Faye said...

Interesting post. The painting of the woman is lovely.

Christine said...

Lovely work!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

I have quite a few decks myself. I love this piece. Very magical.

Nadya said...

Thank you!! Yes, different decks each have their own medicine!

Cindy D. said...

Your interest in cards sounds like such a fun outlet for art! The woman looks very magical and mysterious, lovely work!

sreeja harikrishnan said...

Subtle ...beautiful painting!