Friday, August 4, 2017

Tenderness Moon

Each month/Moon in our Red Madonna Sacred Path Journey, there is an inquiry and process, this month's focus is "Tenderness." 

Shiloh invites us to consider, "Where in my life am I seeking tenderness?" And, "where have I experienced tenderness?"

We've spoken of nurturing hands, having our foreheads stroked, holding hands with a
Moon of Divine Connection
mother,a daughter. I remember once, sobbing on my bed after being rejected by my boyfriend, and my often-gruff dad coming in, sitting beside me, saying he wished he could fix it/make it better! Tenderness! 

Our Lady moon we explored connecting with the divine presence, and spent timeless time making strokes and patterns of light on our ladies' mantles. We contemplated our own sense of "divinity," articulating beliefs.

In this moon of Tenderness, what tender moments do you remember? Where can you be more tender with yourself?

Here are my ladies, with tender strokes of light and biphotons. I glazed their mantles (Renaissance Reed and Violet), and brought light to the Dragon and Phoenix.

Linking to Paint Party Friday and sharing on the Red Madonna.


Lisa Isabella Russo said...

The maidens are so lovely and compelling!

geistige_Schritte said...

Beautiful picture!

~Rasz~ said...

Beautiful post. I love the question and explanation of the "Tenderness Moon" and I realized that I am rarely tender with myself. Thank you. Your maidens are so deep and lovely and compelling, both looking for the answer or explanation? Just wonderful and soothing. Perfect for the end of the evening and the last post I am visiting tonight. Hugz, Rasz and Happy PPF!

Clare Lloyd said...

Super art

Mandy said...

A lovely piece...x

Faye said...

Very beautiful.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

A wonderful post and the art is amazing

Claire said...

Oh so lovely! So glad you found my blog Nadya, and left a comment :) Lovely to find a fellow Luna-Lover... Have you seen my moonboards? I make and post each New and Full Moon x