Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dark Skin Tones

This week I was the Hearth Tender for Works in Progress (WIP) over in our Red Thread Cafe Classroom group on Facebook. It's such an honor, and always interesting! One of the inquiries was from a SiStar whose lady was dark skinned, and she felt the white she'd used for highlights made the skin look muddy. 

When I was participated in an online class in 2014, my lady wanted dark skin. Hmm, I was new enough to painting that skin in general  was a challenge! So I sought out online tutorials. I adapted my formulas from Eric T. Thomas. I remembered I had my notes on skin tones in my art journal for the class, and shared them with my friend.

I use Titan Buff, rather than the Titanium White Eric suggested, and tend to mix my colors on the canvas, rather than blending them on the palette. I used the first palette of colors, with Jenkins Green for some of the dark, and added red to the lips.
Spirit Dancer

Mars Black
Titan Buff
Burnt Umber
Burnt Sienna
Naples Yellow
Indian Yellow Hue
Cerulean Blue hue
Jenkins Green
Quinacridone Violet
Glaze: Red Iron Oxide, add a bit of Burnt Umber or Van Duke Brown

Foundation/blocking: 3 Naples Yellow, 3 Indian Yellow hue, 1 Burnt Umber, 1 Quinacridone Violet
Dark: Jenkins Green or / Burnt Umber (or blue, can alternate darks)
Medium: 1 Burnt Sienna, 1 Naples Yellow
Light: 3 Naples Yellow, 3 Indian hue, 2 Titan Buff, (2 Burnt Umber) 

Formula 2
Foundation/blocking/ medium: 3 Naples Yellow, 1 Burnt Umber, 
Dark: 2 Burnt Umber, 2 Burnt Sienna
Medium: 3 Naples Yellow, 1 Burnt Umber, touch Sienna
Light: 3 Naples Yellow, 2 Titan Buff, 2 Burnt Umber, 1 Cerulean Blue

Dark 1: Mars Black/ Burnt Umber or Paynes Grey and black
     2: 2 Burnt Umber, 1 Burnt Sienna
     3: 2 Naples Yellow, 1 Burnt Umber
Any mediums and lights for highlights

Dark: Burnt Siena/Naples Yellow
Medium: 1 Burnt Sienna, 1 Naples Yellow, 1 titan Buff

Light: 1 Burnt Sienna, 1 Naples Yellow, 2-5 titan Buff

My friend's inquiry was timely, as my Mary Magdalene has dark skin, and I was just getting
ready to do a round of lights and darks ...
Shiloh suggested using Quinacridone Nickel Azo gold glaze/tint over the face after the lights, to give a golden glow, and I suggested my friend glaze, then go on to another layer of darks and lights. 
The tree in the picture represents one outside the cave in Southern France where Mary is reputed to have dwelt after her years of teaching...
I hope this color guide is helpful!


Gillena Cox said...

Beautiful pieces and [notes]

Happy PPF

much love...

Clare Lloyd said...

Lovely art

geistige_Schritte said...

wonderful art!
greetings Elke

Julie said...

Beautiful pieces!

Linda Kunsman said...

beautiful paintings. That spirit dancer is so striking! Happy PPF!

Tammie Lee said...

These are beautiful and full of a lovely spiritual feeling.
Interesting to hear how you went about them.
Thank you for your lovely messages. I liked your idea for my little squirrel theif, very much.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

These are both stunning. Thank you for sharing the palettes.

Nadya said...

So glad you enjoyed the ladies and the palette ideas!

Granny Annie said...

Much more than viewing beautiful artwork, but a complete lesson with it.

Irene Rafael said...

Both pieces are striking in their own way. Thank you for sharing your palates.
Happy PPF!
~~ Irene

JKW said...

I do like the way both pictures turned out. Good job of studying the colors. Blessings, Janet

Nadya said...

So glad you enjoyed the ladies and the palette ideas!