Monday, April 25, 2016

Sacred space for creation

Toward the completion of our Color of Woman Quest last fall my teacher Shiloh issued an invitation:  "I would love for you to finish your painting if you haven’t, and then to clean your studio. Reset your altars. Make new room for the sprouts to come up through the ashes. You need space and time to see what’s coming up and what wants to be shared and prepared for...."

Whatever your creative project, giving time and attention to this reset will often inspire you and give access to new ideas and insights. While cleaning, follow the basics of «keep, redistribute, pass on or throw away.» Wipe surfaces, empty trash, rethink uses of objects. Marie Kondo's inquiry "does it spark joy?" can help you determine what stays, is placed in another area or tossed. I like to set a timer for 15-20 minutes, which is often enough time for a small area. Open a window, sweep, clear the air (a few drops of an essential oil in water in a spray bottle is one option)

When you are ready for your reset, Pinterest is good for inspiration, my Atelier board has
studio ideas.

Here are a couple of Videos - Maria Munar on setting up a studio (starting from scratch!)

Ann Manat: Setting up your studio & supplies (for acrylic painting) 
(Ann also has a series of videos on setting up face book pages & other helpful tips!)

Ah! Sit back with a cup tea, and your journal, what's coming? What is being shared and prepared for?

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beth kelley said...

I love your space!! It is important to have your own dedicated working/inspiration zone!

Anna Jeanine said...

I say practically the same thing about grabbing a cup of tea and your journal!! I think I even put that in my eBook. Love meeting another kindred spirit!

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Anonymous said...

I like working with a bit of stuff on the desk, but not a mess, you know? I need to be have my notebook at a fingers reach, but I don't need to see it.

Martha DeMeo said...

I need to get organized on being organized. I always have so much stuff on my desk or "couch" office.

Nadya said...

Thank you!
LOL, Marie, I also need to get organized on getting organized!! I tend to piles and clutches of stuff! I do love my little dining nook Atelier, and my tea and journal! Lovely meeting you all as well!

starmaker sondiWarner said...

I can almost feel the vibes hopping right out of the page! Lovely space. My workspace tends to pack right into my purse and come with me. :) It's not ideal, but I'm always on the move. :D